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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Sale Find: Blue Studded Dress

I stopped shopping at Forever 21 after a realization with the mullet top that I bought last year. I admit I sometimes get tempted to enter their store when malling. I just brush the thought by checking other brands. One day, I saw this item at Surplus Store which suddenly changed my mind. Buying this dress is like giving Forever 21 a second chance again huh. Let's see.

A studded Forever 21 baby blue dress half the price against the regular dresses at their store.

I like the fact that the studs are not sharp and pointy.

I told you.. it is an overrun Forever 21 dress!

Sale Find: Forever 21 Studded Dress
Overrun Price: P399
Store: Surplus Store - Megamall


  1. what a steal!!! lovely dress and lovely price toooo! I wish we have F21 here too..

  2. there are always nice finds in sm surplus :)

  3. I buy clothes from Surplus, too. You really just need to check for defects, lalo na yung super halata. But overall, it's value for money. :)


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