Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Revlon Age-Defying with DNA Advantage Compact Powder Review

This is a new product in my vanity kit, approximately 5 months old. I was using something else before, but finally switched to this one when I discovered the wonder that it does to my face. I was not supposed to buy it in the first place. I was originally eyeing for a pressed powder from a different brand if not because of this lady at a Revlon counter in a mall nearby.

Look at my face after application of Revlon Age-Defying with DNA Advantage Compact Powder in medium shade. Glad I listened to her advice and was convinced to buy.

This powder sells around 800 Php in the market. I believe it comes in light, light medium, medium, and medium deep colors.

This is the same powder I used in my FOTD entry HERE. Below is my detailed review.

Things that I Like About this Product:

-Fragrance free.
-It applies evenly and feels lightweight to the skin.
-Doesn't settle into fine lines.
-It has a soft matte finish.
-Controls facial oil really well.

Things that I Don't Like:

-The mirror is too small.
-The brush doesn't apply well. I had to buy a sponge to replace it.
-Not really suitable to wear at night.
-They don't sell a refill of this powder.

Will I ever buy Revlon Age-Defying powder again?
-Yes, for sure. I love this product!


  1. Hehe I guess you're not too old to be using age-defying product already. But okay, this is to prevent wrinkles from forming, right?

    1. Not really sure about "preventing". For me, it's more like covering them well. Hehe.

  2. that looks good :) but without refill? hmmm. sayang yung lalagyan. nababasura agad.
    by the way, I have a giveaway on my blog right now. Maybe you'd like to join. Its open internationally

  3. Ooh! I also have a Revlon Age-Defying Concealer. Trust me, it does wonders! :)

  4. It's nice that you found a good product that makes you look younger and fresher.

  5. Why is it not suitable for night time, I wonder? The price isn't bad, especially since it works. :)

    1. IMO, it is not suitable to wear it for an evening event 'cos the coverage is light. If you wanna wear it during the night, it is best to apply a very good foundation first as a base :))


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