Thursday, June 06, 2013

Pink Baby Shower Ideas

Like I mentioned in my previous post, I am having a birthday party and shower party rolled into one, the main reason why I also created my wish list. Nowadays, I am collecting added ideas on how to throw a birthday party with a pink baby shower theme. Sounds a little unusual I know, but it's my birthday and I guess I can do whatever I want with it.

I got this as an inspiration board. Very pretty and girly.

The party favors and sweets look properly arranged and coordinated. Apparently, will be a combination of colors pink, cream, and purple. I had a pink birthday party last year and pink baby shower over 4 years ago so I already have a little idea on how to do it.

I am thinking of a pink and purple banner that says "It's A Baby Girl" on the wall, over a long table covered with cream table cloth. Surrounding the table, I'll use tiny pink LED lights instead of the traditional brown string lights. At the center, there will be my purple to pink ombre cake in flower design (hope to really achieve this), strawberry and ube cake slices on both sides, then some candies and paper flowers at the front.

For food in the buffet table, drinks and other things, I still need to coordinate with a relative who can help me. Anyway, I still have over 2 weeks for the preparation. Yay excited!

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  1. OMG! Pink looks super pretty for the event! I'm so excited to see what you'll come up with! Blog about it ha? :)) 2nd photo looks amaze-balls!

  2. Here's to our number one believer and protector! Hurray to our great Dads!

  3. You might want to check the candy buffet supplier I got for the wedding:
    They can make you one of those! Gahhh that's so exciting!

  4. the candy buffet looks wonderful! I'm sure you'll have a grand time. good luck on the preps!

  5. these are nice inspirations sis!really cute and yummy colors :)

  6. So cute! Congratulations on the upcoming baby and Happy Birthday! ;-)

  7. Wow! You still have the time to plan for your baby shower. I never had one. Color pink is always nice motif for baby (girl) showers!


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