Monday, June 17, 2013

My Daughter's 4th Birthday and Tips on How To Throw a Birthday Party at Your Kid's School

With the economic downfall already felt globally, I know I should always be frugal even in throwing a party. When our first daughter was still a baby, hubby and I decided that she isn't going to have an expensive party every year. Fine, her 1st birthday was celebrated in a pizza food chain but it was the first so we made it a little memorable. On the other hand, her 2nd birthday was celebrated done at home. The 3rd was in our community clubhouse. As for the 4th birthday last year, we did just did it at school. Details are below.

We bought her Hello Kitty birthday cake from BreadTalk. I ordered it and paid it in advance, then picked up a day before the party.

The celebration was limited to her teachers, school staff, classmates, and some mommy friends.

There were spaghetti, hotdog and mallows on stick, fruity gelatine, ube cake and juice for kids, and then there were pansit, shanghai rolls, moist chocolate cake and juice for adults.

This is how cute the cake was. I paid only P800 for it. It was a chocolate cake with chocolate ganache.

Our first time to celebrate her birthday at school. The little one enjoyed it a lot because aside from the food we prepared, they also had pabitin, lootbags, and balloons.

How To Throw a Birthday Party at Your Kid's School

Tip #1. Date, Time and Limitations.
Coordinate with your child's teacher when it comes to the party date and time. Some schools allow parties on Fridays only, others allow any day of the week but for a limited time. Do not forget to ask for the recommended party games and paraphernalia as well. Do they allow mascots or magicians? Do they prefer the pinata, the pabitin or palayok?

Tip #2. Party food.
When cooking or ordering party food, it is important to consider the food allergies of the kids who will be attending the party. They might be kids who are allergic to chicken, cheese, nuts, etc. Not to mention, some kids might be Muslim or 7th Day Adventist so they don't eat pork.

Tip #3. Party size. Don't estimate it. Get the exact party size by counting the number of your child's classmates, teachers and school staff. After knowing the number, that's when you decide on how much extra food you would want to bring.

Tip #4. Party theme. This is something that you or your kid can agree with. Children's preference change as they grow older so last year's party theme might not be as interesting as it was before.

Tip #5. DIY it! Do it yourself as much as you can. For the food, you may ask the help of a relative who can cook well. For the decorations, party balloons and loot bags, you may save a lot of money by looking for a cheap supplier like those in Divisoria.

In 3 months, more or less, we will be celebrating our daughter's birthday again. She is asking for a Disney Princess party and an Aurora dress this time. I will be giving birth a month before that so I really don't know if I could pull it off and meet her expectations.

Disclaimer: This article was first published October 19, 2012 in my old blog I edited it so I can republish here.


  1. The cake is too cake I think I wouldn't dare to slice it up! I bet this is an unforgettable moment for your daughter.

  2. I think kids love their party better if they are with their friends in school. It also transforms the school into a fun environment.

  3. cute cake! hello kitty!

  4. Thank you for sharing! I am planning to celebrate my second daughter's birthday in her school, as per her request. And, this is a great help!

  5. Happy Birthday Sweetie! :-) She knows how to pose oh! Pretty just like mom!


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