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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Magnum PINK, My Favorite Magnum, and Other Magnum Flavors

I mentioned a bit about Selecta's Magnum Pink in nar (pomegranate) flavor in THIS entry last month. As I said, I will do a separate entry talking about Magnum alone so here you go.

First off, the cutest Magnum ever, the one in pomegranate flavor.. Magnum PINK! I got this in a gasoline station during one of our pit stops on the way to Izmir.

Let's open it.. dyaraaann. It is not too pink from the outside tho. It's more like dirty pink because of the chocolate coating. Once you bite the coat, that's when you see the light pink ice cream inside.

So, did I like this flavor given that it's pink? No, not really. Magnum in pomegranate is a little sour that's why I can never say it's my kind of Magnum.

Next in line, I have here Magnum Antep Fistik or Magnum in Antep Pistachio flavor. Antep or Gaziantep, by the way, is a city in the southeast part of Turkey where there is an abundance of pistachios. Hence, the name of this ice cream is taken from that place.

Time to reveal the goodness of this ice cream. Hmmm.. look at the chocolate coating with bits and pieces of pistachio nuts.

Have a bite please. Yum, I guess I found my favorite Magnum ice cream! I cannot believe it. I traveled halfway around the world just to taste this one!! :P

Let's check the other flavors in the freezer. Clockwise: Magnum Double Çikolata (double chocolate), Magnum Badem (almonds), Magnum Beyaz (white), and Magnum Black Espresso.

Other than these flavors, there's also Magnum Double Mulberry & Blacberry and Magnum Classic. Plus, those come in a small size like Magnum Mini Pink Black, Magnum Mini Double, Magnum Mini Classic Almond White, Magnum Mini Pistachio - Classic Nuts, Magnum Mini Classic, and Magnum Mini Almond.

Lastly, if you are Turkish, you have the chance to win either a black or a pink Porsche by eating Magnum ice cream. Just keep the wooden stick, enter the code through their website and win.

This Magnum TV ad of Orlando Bloom talks about the said contest. Too bad, I ain't Turkish yet and I am not currently based in Turkey. Gah, what's taking so long with my citizenship application?

Anyhoo, looking forward to have more Magnum flavors available in the Philippine market. It will be better if we have more choices here. Say we have Magnum Ube-Langka or Magnum Buko-Pinipig. Actually, there are more flavors that I can think of.

Hello Selecta! Gawa din ng bagong Magnum flavor pag may time!! :P


  1. Are these already available in the Philippine market? If yes, where?? HUHU I want them! My friend who's in Australia just posted the pink magnum and asked magnum to bring it to the ph.

  2. I wish we have Pistachio Magnums here. Mukhang masarap :)

  3. hmmm parang deli nga yung may pistachio ah.. kahit d ako masayadong fan ng magnum...at saka daming flavors to choose from ah

  4. Aston Martini? I want that! And the Black Espresso, too!

  5. I'm so intrigued by the pistachio and the white flavors. I wish they'd make those available in the Philippines too! xo

  6. I would love to try the pistachio flavored magnum bar! Sana meron din nyan dito :) Yum!

  7. So far 6 palang yata yung Magnum flavors dito if I'm not mistaken. Dapat nga they should introduce more na eh. Pero I agree with the others here, that Magnum with pistachio nuts looks divine! Yung almonds nga naging hit here eh.

  8. Would love to have the Pistachio and Black Espresso flavors here! Kelan pa Selecta?!

  9. I haven't tasted those flavors yet. But I wanna grab one soon :) I just hope that they are already available here :)

  10. Wow so many flavors to choose from. =) I want to try the Pistachio.

  11. Sana nga noh they make more flavors here! I've stopped restocking on Magnum kasi sawa na kami sa flavors.

  12. I like the pistachio too. ( mouthwatering )

  13. We were able to taste the original one (I think that's chocolate) a year ago, just to see what the hype is about. Masarap naman, but for us, too pricey. Sorry! Cornetto fans kami here. Hehe.


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