Saturday, June 15, 2013

MAC Matte Lady Danger Review

I am no expert when it comes to makeup. Like honestly, I am jealous with anyone who can effortlessly apply makeup to herself in less than 5 minutes and would look instantly fabulous. I remember I once asked Lizzie of on what kind of red lipstick would suit my color. Her advice was to use something with an orangey shade. When I saw MAC Matte Lady Danger, I was convinced it's the exact lipstick she was telling me, so I ordered this and Ruby Woo through a friend in the States (where it is cheaper) without hesitation.

Retro MAC Lipstick..

MAC Matte Lady Danger..

Matte Lady Danger A13..

Lady Danger on my lips..

After 6 hours..

Things That I Like About MAC Lady Danger:
-Lovely matte finish.
-Its red orange shade is perfect.
-Wearable for a period of hours.
-Less drying compared with MAC Ruby Woo.

Things That I Don't Like:
-Like any other matte lipstick, it is a must to use a lip balm before application
-A little expensive compared with other matte lippies I see in the market.

Will I buy this lipstick again?
Yes. Because I like it so much!


  1. The Matte Lady Danger A13 looks good on you naman. In fairness, it looks natural! :)

  2. I love matte lipsticks over creamy ones, although you are correct on how drying it can be. Well, nothing a little lip balm can't fix.

    I don't own a MAC lipstick yet, just because I probably don't need it yet. Maybe when I finish my T.LeClerc lipsticks, I'll head out to a MAC counter. thanks for the review sis!

  3. I have almost the same shade of lippie as that. But its not Mac. hahaha I can't afford Mac. But unlike yours, its not matte...

  4. I finally got the guts to get a tube of red lipstick after I read your Ruby Woo review a few weeks ago. Although I didn't get a MAC lipstick (kuripot much)... yet.

    - Christine

  5. Great that you found one that fits you...


  6. I really wish I was the make-up type of person too. I don't even own a lipstick. Haha! Maybe I should start acquiring basic pieces. All I have are a BB cream and a lip balm. I like the shade of the lipstick you chose though. It suits your complexion. :)

  7. It may be expensive but it's worth the price if you love it! :P I need to learn how to do my make-up as well. haha!

  8. I prefer matte lipsticks. I hope I find a matte MLBB lipstick. I have Ruby Woo and it shows a little orange on me. Probably because of my skin tone. Any more orange and I'm going to pass off. I'll take a pass on this one.

  9. hi, muther! i feel you. i also don't know how to put make up on. basta makulayan ko lang ang lips at cheeks ko keribels na sa akin. :D we'll try MAC kapag may budget na.

  10. Haven't tried any Mac lipstick yet but I have been reading reviews that they are really good and most of the blogs I came across would highly recommend this brand. I love their pink collection and hope to get a hold of it soon.

  11. like you, i've always thought that red with a tint of orange looks best on me. you look very pretty wearing lady danger :) and oh, i have to agree that MAC lipsticks are a bit drying.

  12. It suits you perfectly. I have yet to find the perfect lippy for me. ;-)

  13. It suits you perfectly. I have yet to find the best lippy for me.

  14. It suits you perfectly. I have yet to find the best lippy for me.

  15. I really looks good on you.. Sometimes, we really need to try other shades of lippies so that we will know, which is the best for us.

  16. I really love red lippies on you.

  17. Danger is a nice name for a lip stick. Man would quickly notice the strong color.


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