Monday, June 03, 2013

Love to Shop at LC Waikiki!

Visiting Istanbul after two years, I realized that my old favorite Turkish Collezione isn't the same anymore. Their stores became lonely, less people shop and just a few nice things on display. They stopped focusing on their stores in Turkey and worked for their expansion in Middle East countries like Saudi Arabia, Libya, Morocco, and Iraq; then countries in Europe like Albania, Ukraine, Kosovo, etc.

Going out of a Collezione shop with disappointment on my face, my feet lead me to LC Waikiki,
the current favorite of people when it comes to RTW shopping. LC Waikiki emerged as a French brand in 1985. They began to collaborate with Taha Textile, a Turkish company, in 1988. Later in 1997, LC Waikiki became a Turkish brand after buying all the patent rights throughout the world.

A shot of an LC Waikiki store in Izmir City.

LC Waikiki carries the slogan 'İyi giyinmek herkesin hakkı!' which translates as 'everyone has the right to dress better'.

Some of the LC Waikiki tops I bought for myself. Two of them are preggy shirts! :P

And some t-shirt and dress I bought for my daughter. She wore the cat shirt HERE.

Zara, H & M and Mango are cheaper in Turkey. But why do I prefer to shop more at LC Waikiki?
IMO, it carries a wide collection of stylish RTW for men and women, teens, kids and infants in an affordable price. As a mom, I love to shop at LC Waikiki more than any other store.

For more information about the brand and their stores, visit or find them in Facebook.


  1. Who said pregnant women cannot be fashionable?! Nice post sis! I love the clothes you bought for your daughter too... Oh, how I wish to have a daughter too when I'm ready to get preggy again... :-)

  2. I love the preggy shirts hihi. =) I think their slogan says it all and the shirt's girl design is really cute.

  3. This brand is for casual attire mostly? I haven't heard about it before but the name sounds familiar.

  4. I think they do have nice casual designs. It seems like a great brand for women.

  5. looks like they do really have great clothes. no wonder why:)


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