Saturday, June 29, 2013

Love According to a Four Year Old

While having breakfast this morning, I asked my daughter about her definition of love and this is what said..

"Love is when you hug and kiss someone, also when you give a card on Mother's Day or Father's Day!"

How about you? What is your definition of LOVE? :)


  1. none. haha i certainly don't know how to define that word. Maybe its something felt than seen.???
    am I making any sense? hahaha
    your daughter looks really cute by the way!

    1. Haha! Anyway, I was trying to access your blog but Google says "Danger: Malware Ahead!" Hope you fix it soon.

  2. Aww. Made me think of asking my daughter about this. But I remembered her telling me about "marry". Uh-oh. Haha! Your daughter is really beautiful. :)

  3. Your daughter is so pretty! For me, love is continuing to do things for others that will make them happy, even after they have hurt you. Bow!

    xo Patty

  4. Love for my little boy is when his mama and papa hugs him and kisses him. Uhm for my little girl? Um not sure yet! Lol. Your little girl is so pretty!

  5. awww...coming from a 4-year old's definition is amazing! but don't just hug and kiss random strangers, ok? hehehhee...kidding!

    love is undefined..hirap sabihin kung ano meaning nang!

  6. 10 years ago love for me was a poison that kills my ambition. HAHAHA! Now, it's when I get to wake up every morning with M snoring loudly at my left and Y snoring softly at my right. :)


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