Saturday, June 01, 2013

How to Make Lamayo (Slightly Dried Fish)

I almost forgot to blog about this. I posted a photo of lamayo or slightly dried fish in Instagram and some of my friends asked me on how to make them. Finally, I am sharing the recipe here so even my friends abroad can see it.

I learned the art of making lamayo from my grandpa. As girl who was raised in a coastal province where fish is abundant, it is not a new thing for me to properly clean fish, cook, and preserve them.

Lamayo is my favorite way of preserving fish. Fried lamayo is the best. You can eat it for breakfast with fried rice and egg or serve on the side with dishes like ginisang munggo, ginataang langka, etc.

How to Make Lamayo

Step 1. Go to a supermarket and buy your fish, preferably galunggong, matang baka or hasa hasa.
Step 2. Tell the fish vendor to cut it for daing. In my case, I also request to cut the head and the tail. You don't eat those parts anyway.
Step 3. Bring home the fish and clean it well, removing the leftover scales and intestines of the fish.
Step 4. Dry the fish with a kitchen towel.
Step 5. Apply a generous amount of rock salt to the fish. Massage well so the flesh absorbs it.
Step 6. Hang to dry. Either air dry or sun dry for 8 to 10 hours will do.
Step 7. Cook the fish.

Important Note:  If you wish to save your lamayo for later, I suggest you put them in an airtight container and store in the freezer. They are not supposed to be stored in a room temperature after drying. Lamayo is slightly dried so the fish will become watery. It will smell bad and eventually, get spoiled.

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