Friday, June 14, 2013

Early Summer in Akçay

Here I go again. I am not sure when to finish this whole thing. I still have a lot of backlogs from my Turkish vacation, plus other random stuff to blog about in between. I guess the best remedy is to do this in an installment. Little by little everyday like they say.

From Istanbul, we had a road trip to Akçay, district of Endremit in the province of Balıkesir. To reach our destination, we drove to a pier in Eceabat, took a ferry to Çanakkale, then drove again to Endremit.

The travel took a total of 10 hours. Too long? I know! We could've reach Akçay in 5 hours if we didn't stop a lot of times for eating, going to the washroom, asking directions, etc.

First day in Akçay. We went to this park which is owned by the government, under the district's supervision. It was lovely with a view of a rocky stream.

Beside the stream was a picnic area, a playground and a restaurant. We rented a table, cooked some barbecue and enjoyed eating under those shady trees.

That night, we were at the bay area, sitting on a bench facing the horizon, and watching the illuminating twilight. After dusk, we walked around and looked at the small souvenir stores.

The next day was a shopping day. We went to Olive City to buy summer clothes at LC Waikiki. It was also a religious holiday that day, so we also visited a prayer room (more like a hall really) for praying.

This is the neighborhood where hubby's relatives live. Honestly, I like it here better than Istanbul. It's near the bay area, weather is good, no traffic and less crowded.

A photo of my daughter and her cousin at the garden, waiting for the rest to be ready as we continue our road trip to Izmir, all the way to Aydın, Şirince, Izmir and back.

I am cutting the story here and will blog the continuation later.
Happy weekend ladies and advance Happy Father's Day to all my daddy readers! :)


  1. pretty kids :))

  2. What a beautiful country, I hope that u will make it to Constantinople (Istanbul)

    1. Um, I think you missed reading this line, "From Istanbul, we had a road trip to Akçay, district of Endremit in the province of Balıkesir."

  3. oh wow! very nice place, I wish I could someday visit there.

  4. I like the twilight photo and looks like a loaded and a well-appreciated day.

  5. OMG! the place looks very relaxing <3 I like the bay area the most <3

  6. Yeah 10 hours is too long! We had the same number of traveling hours by a van when we went to Calaguas Island in Camarines Norte and our feet got swollen because there was no enough blood flow in our veins anymore. Sa katagalan ng pag upo. :D

  7. Very nice place, sis. And it looks so clean! And sarap mag-bike dun sa bay area if ever. :)

  8. wow Turkey vacay.. it's fun to travel overseas and know other cultures, food and the people. yay 10 hours travel d ko kaya yan hanggang 4-6hrs lang ako by land at 9hrs pag plane lol


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