Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Delightful Turkish Flavors

What do you do when visiting a foreign country? Well, aside from going tourist spots or shopping that is. What else? Of course, there's nothing else to do but.. food tasting! You go to the city's most crowded place, feeling like Anthony Bourdain, you look around for a famous restaurant that serves the best meals and dig in. If you have a chance, you go to a remote village, order food from a local restaurant and enjoy that gastronomic experience of your life.

On a road trip to Izmir, we stopped by at a highway restaurant in Manisa to have lunch.

I had this plate of skewered meatballs and green peppers, served over flat bread with grilled tomato and onion salad on the side. Ahh.. this meatball was juicy and savory. Perfect for a traveler's hungry tummy.

Before going around to shop at Bakırköy, hubby and I took our daughter and sister-in-law in a restaurant just across LC Waikiki. What I ordered was a plate of beef doner or et döner on rice.. another satisfying lunch for me.

Here's the chicken version of my plate. Hubby ordered this.

This dish is called Güveç, a kind of Turkish beef stew cooked in pot. I had this in Şirince, a small village in Izmir Province which became famous because of the Mayan Apocalypse (will blog about it later).

As for dessert in Şirince, we tried their local version of baklava. It was crispy, so nutty, and sweet. I don't know what they sprinkled on top, though.

Back in Izmir City, I had this plate of steak at Ramiz, a famous restaurant chain in Turkey. The steak was just right though I wished they served it with rice instead of bread.

The dessert was this sütlaç or rice pudding. It is made from rice and milk. They pop it in the oven to achieve that sweet burnt aroma. Yummy.. my favorite Turkish dessert!

After checking the gold stores at Istanbul's Grand Bazaar, hubby and I went to a park between Hagia Sofia and Sultanahmet or Blue Mosque to take photos. I spotted a food cart and bought this, I supposed, cinnamon bread. I was expecting it to be soft and sweet like the usual version but it wasn't. :P

Lastly, on our first day in my parents-in-law's apartment in Bağcılar, anne bought a box of baklava and had a couple of slices for myself. My verdict? It tasted better than any of those baklavas sold here in PH.

That's it for the food trip. I hope you enjoyed my post. Till the next one. Happy Wednesday!!


  1. love this mala-anthony bourdain food tripping! haha that sutlac dessert looks yummy. Honestly I havent tried turkish dishes but I think I'd like that beef stew. It looks yummy!

  2. parang longganisa lng yung sa first photo... sarap tingnan ng mga food! :))

  3. i love baklava! esp pistachio! yum yum!

  4. Yum! I want to try an authentic turkish baklava :-)


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