Saturday, June 01, 2013

Choosing the Right Baby Stroller

We bought a GoodBaby stroller for our first daughter almost 4 years ago. Our little one used it for a while until we decided to wrap it in plastic for keeping and future use. Now that our second daughter is on the way, we feel lucky that we were able to choose the right baby stroller and no need to add one in my wishlist.

A story for the past, lifted from my old blog which was published sometime in July 2009...

Last weekend, we spent over 30 minutes in choosing the right baby stroller for our 9 month old baby girl. We checked infant strollers of different sizes, colors, and features. Some of them have average price, most of them are expensive, but just a few are cheap.

Anyway, we ended up buying a three-way stroller with the price twice the cost of our monthly cable, water, and electric bill altogether. Whew! Why do babies aren't born with a bank account? Haha.

We actually have an old infant stroller for our little darling, bought it when she was around 2 weeks old. It was lightweight and easy to carry. The problem was its seat. Not like other strollers, the seat couldn't be reclined into another position. We had to use a pillow to support her back. Now I'm sending off the said stroller to a distant relative in the province. What a waste of money, right?


2 Important Things to Consider Before Buying a Baby Stroller
  • Number of Children You and your husband must have talked about family planning. If you want to have two or more kids then why not make the stroller a little investment? Decide on something with very good quality. Something that your other kids could use in the future.

  • Family Lifestyle Do you love picnics or out-of-town trips? How about long walks in the mall or jogging in the park? These days, there are lots of baby strollers to choose from that could fit either a farm life or urban living.

Baby Stroller Features to Check Before Buying
  • Brakes They should be able to lock the wheels in place. This reminds us of Mr. Bean babysitting in the park. Tsk! tsk! tsk!

  • Adjustable seat From 0 to 6 months, your baby won't be able to sit yet. However, from 6 months and up, he/she might be able to at least hold his/ head or sit. In this case, having a stroller with adjustable seat to sitting and sleeping position is very important.

  • Buckles It should include crotch straps. They prevent babies from slipping out.

  • Canopy It's always sunny here in the Philippines. The adjustable canopy will be able to protect your baby from too much sun or rain.

  • Materials Strollers made of steel and aluminum usually last longer, but they can be a little heavy. Stroller made of more plastic are lightweight though they may not last longer that you expect it.

  • Fabric Babies can be messy. Very messy. Check if the seat of the stroller is removable and washable. Most of them can be easily cleaned, though.

  • Adjustable handle height The father could be higher than the mom (or vice versa). The adjustable handle is the only answer to this one.

  • Storage Basket Very helpful while shopping. The stroller we bought has a basket which capacity is up to 5 kilos.

  • Easy open and close mechanism This is self-explanatory.

  • Wide wheel base / Swivel wheels These last two make it easy for you to maneuver the stroller.


  1. Lovely stroller - a good choice. My stroller lasted for all three of my children who are 12, 10 and 5 now ( arrrgh - where did that time go!) . It is definitely worth spending a bit extra to get a good one that lasts the distance! Good luck with the baby! X

  2. I still use honest diapers - my son is wearing big ones now - and will use them until he is potty trained. As for the scent of the diapers, they smell like baby powder. Other diapers have an unpleasant odor to me.

  3. I agree, it's expensive! But have you thought of "wearing" your baby? I've read a lot about babywearing, you just need to buy the sling (ranges from 800 to about 1500) and you get your hands free with the little one in tow!

  4. I'm surprised to learn that a baby stroller (decent one) costs at least PHp 2000 now in the market. When the time comes that I'll be a mother, I think I'd have to ask my friends or relatives if I can borrow a second-hand stroller to save money.

  5. I think it would be better to have a sturdier stroller even if it's more expensive as it would last longer and can be used for other babies too.

  6. I agree with Franc, these umbrella strollers are inexpensive because they lack features that full-size strollers have, so it's probably better to invest in costlier strollers that have more bells and whistles than your smartphone has.

    That, or you could just put your baby up for adoption or something.


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