Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Another Trip to Shawarma Snack Center (SSC) Malate

Have you heard of Shawarma Snack Center or SCC? Ever tried their authentic Persian kebab? How about the shawarma? In my case, I've been there a lot of times before. In fact, I posted an entry about SSC twice already. First, in my cross-cultural blog and then second in my mommy blog. Both blogs are now inactive so I thought of writing a new one.

This is what we always order at SSC, a package of different mixed grilled meat, chicken tikka, kabbab, beef tenderloin, tomatoes, and onions for P1,200, good for 4 to 6 people. My #1 favorite from this platter is the beef tenderloin. Very tasty!

The kebab platter comes with 10 pieaces of this pita bread. I consider this the best pita bread ever! I mean REALLY. It is thick, yummy and super sarap esp. when eaten fresh from the oven! Until now, I haven't tried any pita that could surpass its taste.

As for the side dishes that goes with the platter, clockwise in the collage are pickles, eggplant salad, yogurt, potato fries, and hummus.

They also give dips like mayonnaise and ketchup for the fries and garlic dip for the grilled meat.

The location of the Shawarma Snack Center is a little far from where we live, but I swear our every visit is worth the ride. My family just keeps on going to this restaurant in order to satisfy our cravings for an authentic Persian kebab.

Across SSC is a smaller version of their restaurant with the same name which is more of a low key in atmosphere. There they serve shawarmas and other fast food menus.

Things that I Like About SSC:
-Both their kebab and shawarma are very delicious.
-Like I said, best pita bread ever!
-Price is reasonable.
-They have wifi.

Things that I Don't Like:
-Malate is a little far. There is an SSC stall at Waltermart in Makati but they sell shawarma only.
-Limited parking space, plus Salas is a one way street.
-They don't serve steamed rice.

Will I ever go back to SSC to dine again?
-I guess you know the answer. Of course!

Shawarma Snack Center - Malate
485 B R. Salas Street, Ermita, Manila, Philippines
Telephone # 521-2121 /523-0695 / 525-4541

Shawarma Snack Center - Parañaque
42 President Ave B.F. Homes, Parañaque
Telephone # 827-9036

Shawarma Snack Center - Makati
2/F Waltermart Makati, Pasong Tamo Ext.
Pio Del Pilar, Makati City


  1. Mmmm... I suddenly miss Middle Eastern food.

  2. oh, my gosh! I'm drooling right now...kakagutom! I don't think I've ever had persian food before...salap!

    Happy birthday sis! I wish you nothing but the best....:)

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  4. There's a Shawarma Snack Center in BF Pque too, but I don't know if they sell meals like the Malate branch. Those look really yummy! I remember we used to buy shawarma from them all the time. Kakamiss na!

    1. Yeah, it was walking distance from McDo BF. I was there once lang when I was still working in Sucat. They served small meals lang like. Are they still open?

    2. I called the Pque branch kanina. They serve big meals na din pala same with Malate branch. Hope they expand and open somewhere near Mandaluyong or QC tho!

    3. Yay! I'm super excited now. Thanks for checking. You're the best! Haha! I'll definitely schedule a trip there very soon with my boys.

  5. Yummy!!! I have not been there but the food looks delish!


  6. Yum! I need to go back to this dining place asap! :)

  7. looks so yummy! :)

  8. that is really worth a try and will make my tummy full. Maybe i can try to dine to the place when I visit a friend near malate. :) Pita are really thick, I can see it

  9. Wow! A plateful of meat! Malate is far nga. I have this favorite shawarma place in Katipunan, Ababu, that I really go to pa or have my husband take home some for me. :D

  10. Yes! I trie their shawarma and asked my husband to find that place when I was still pregnant with my second child (paglilihi). Oh boy he complained bakit tago daw ang lugar! Haha! But when we had the shawarma at home it was delish!

  11. nice, they have one in bf homes. i would like to try their kebab!

  12. im so going here! that platter looks mouthwatering! must visit soon! :)

  13. I've never been to Shawarma Snack Center but it's in my list of places to visit if we'll be in the area. We love Persian food, and your photo of the plate is surely a beef lover's heaven!


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