Tuesday, June 04, 2013

(Almost) Ready for First Day of School

It's back to school season! Are we ready yet? Well, almost ready I guess.

A day after we arrived in Manila from our vacation, my daughter and I went to her school to pay for her school uniforms, books, bags, and other learning materials. We already enrolled and paid tuition and other fees in April so I didn't have to pay a lot this time.

Her Junior Casa 2 school trolley bag. This is way bigger than her envelope bag last year.

More books for this school year too. Actually, she has 2 more to be given by her teacher later.

Her black shoes. She is highly fascinated with Disney Princesses at this age and specifically likes Aurora.

White socks from Dickies and Pitcheco.

Unfortunately, there is a delay with the delivery of school uniforms together with the snack bag and other materials like pencils, colors, and pads. Her teacher just took her measurement and told us that we'll probably get her uniforms and other things by the middle of June. With that being said, pupils will be allowed to come to school in civilian or casual clothing.

Ahhh.. I can't believe my daughter is growing up so fast. It seems like yesterday when I was still teaching her how to walk, now she is a preschooler and at the age of 4 with over 5 subjects. When I was at her age, I was not even attending school yet. I started kindegarten at the age of 5 and I had only 4 subjects. Whew, the Philippine educational systems these days!


  1. Wow! Super ready na tlaga for school! <3 Great finds talaga!

  2. That's what I love about the first day of classes before... all new school things! She has five subjects?!? Whoaa... they're really starting kids so early these days.

  3. Wow! 5 subjects for a 4yr old? Grabe ah.. But as long as she enjos it then i suppose it's ok. Best wishes for your daughter this sch yr!

  4. Sis, hindi pa ako mommy ha? Pero yung anak ng officemate ko is 3 years old and the school are teaching them how to read na and nagbabasa na talaga ang 3 years old! E bulol pa nga yata ako nung 3 ako. Nagulat ako kasi madami na din silang books. Kaloka! Nakaka-pressure ang maging 3 years old haha

  5. Those Mary Jane shoes are just so KYOT! Super competitive na talaga educational system nowadays no? Isn't it more expensive if the school would be the one who would supply the learning materials?


  6. dito rin grabe, they start kids in preschool (pre nursery) at 18-24 months! nakaka loka.

  7. Wow sis buti ka pa ready na, I haven't bought school shoes yet for my little girl. Shoes looks cute! I hope your little girl haves fun at school :)

  8. Ready na si Askim! What grade is she in now? :P


    1. Junior Casa 2. I think that's equivalent to Nursery 2 in a regular school.


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