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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Still Here

It's been days since my last post. Sorry for the lack of updates but I am a little busy these days. Our vacation here in Turkey is coming to its end. I need to do some shopping, visit hubby's relatives and so on.

Visited the Blue Mosque (Sultanahmet) for the second time the other day. I took lots of photos and here's one of them. I am excited to share a lot of things about Turkey. I just keep holding it 'cause (1) I forgot to bring my camera cable, (2) I don't have my laptop with me, (3) it's hard to edit too much photos, (4) and I can't post all of my images through Instagram, link it to FB and copy each url from them.

Arrggh.. I think I can do a longer list of reasons, but promise to do a separate post in every interesting thing I found and experienced here in Turkey. I failed to do that during my first visit here in 2011 but this time really, I promise to blog more.

Just bye for now! :)

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