Thursday, May 30, 2013

Sale Find: Zara Leather Flats

Remember my old favorite Zara flats? They retired after too much use. My poor ballet flats. The canvass material was the reason why they didn't make it far enough. Lucky me that I was able to score these new pair through the help of my in-laws. It was on sale in Zara Turkey and a few months back. They purchased it for me and it waited until I arrived Istanbul.

Zara (genuine) leather flats in teal with quilted insole.
They're the comfiest ever.. something that I really need now that I'm pregnant.

Sale Find: Zara Leather Flats
Sale Price: 39.95 TL or P890
Original Price: 69.95 TL or P1559
Store: Zara Turkey 

There was a little bit of mis-communication between hubby and in-laws about this shoes. Zara is more expensive here in Manila and my size (37) sells faster. With that, I told him to request them to buy two pairs, either one in beige and one in red or at least one in red and the other pair in any color, but they got this teal one. Anyway, teal used to be my favorite color in college and this pair is leather so I will take care of it very well. I guess it will last longer than my first Zara shoes.

Till my next sale find peeps. Muah!


  1. i love teal! it's pretty and stands out.

  2. Reminds me that I should get flats soon cause it's starting to rain a lot lately. :)

  3. nice price! however im size 10! love the color :D


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