Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Nail Polish and Pregnancy

One of the common questions of a first time mom is the safety of using nail polish or getting regular manicure and pedicure during pregnancy. When I got pregnant with my daughter, I also referred the same concern to my OB-GYN. I remember asking her questions about the use of nail polish, hair rebonding, going to gym, and so on.

My baby pump and my strawberry nails..

Today I wish to share some things about nail polish and pregnancy 'cause I know there are still a lot of women out there who need some enlightenment regarding this matter.

Alright, I am not a doctor or an expert but this is what I think and what I learned from googling and from asking my own OB-GYN. I, myself, is a big fan of colorful nail polish and nail painting. As you can see in this blog, I have a number of posts with nail polish as the subject. I love painting my nails esp. when they are long or even when they are shorter. It doesn't matter really. Painting depends on my mood.

Going back to nail polish and pregnancy, as per my OB-GYN's advice, there is nothing wrong about using nail polish during pregnancy. Yes, there maybe harmful chemicals in a single bottle of nail polish but they amount is too small to affect the mother and her baby.

Moreover, other pregnant women can be too sensitive with the odor of the nail polish so using them may cause dizziness to vomiting. Lucky me that I didn't have any similar problem so I am able to paint and repaint my nails at least once a week.

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