Monday, May 06, 2013

My Kind of Kitchen

An eco-friendly country style kitchen is my kind of kitchen. I tell you, I fell in love with this kitchen right away the first time I saw it. It doesn't look exactly the same with my dream kitchen but very close.

I love the white walls, the glass door, and the wooden dining set.

Mind you, my kitchen won't be very big, more or less only 20 sqm. Imagine a medium deep kitchen sink facing a large window with potted herbs on the side, a wooden dining set for 6 with brown cushion, and big glass door leading to a backyard garden (like in the photo). Ahh.. very beautiful!

I also want to have those kitchen cabinet organizers at to help me maximize space. Think of drawer and cookware organizers, tray dividers, towel holders, waste containers, and pullout shelves. They will surely give enough leg room for everyone and will make my kitchen look more orderly.

Hmmm.. I am yet to think of the kitchen appliance and other accessories. So much about my dream kitchen. I guess a separate blog post will come as soon as I come up with another idea.

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  1. What a beautiful kitchen! I want a kitchen like yours with potted herb on the side too.

  2. also my kind of kitchen! just hard to keep it impeccable looking because it's white. hehe!

    - iya

  3. Hi,
    Glad you like this kitchen - I've designed it. It was published in the Beautiful Kitchens magazine and it's still being published now. You are absolutely right; this kitchen has warmth and style. And to think that this room was initially their sitting room.
    All the best,
    Cris Sega

    1. Hi Cris! Wow, thanks for visiting my blog!! I just checked your website and was truly amazed by all your amazing designs. Keep it up!! :)


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