Friday, May 31, 2013

My Baby Wish List

I am celebrating my 33rd birthday this June. Since I am preggers, this time I am having a birthday party and shower party rolled into one. And, instead of personal wish list.. and I'm gonna have a baby wishlist. So far, hubby and I already purchased an infant crib and some baby toiletries. I also bought some onesies during our vacation in Turkey and brother-in-law also gifted some baby clothes. Most of all, we kept our Chicco Baby Carrier, Approva High Chair, and Good Baby Stroller in a very good condition, so with that, I supposed we'll be needing just a few more things for our second baby girl.

Here is my wish list:

short-sleeved onesies
side snap shirts

baby underwear

baby booties

receiving blankets
hooded towels

bath tub
bath toys

baby brush and comb
baby powder puff

diaper bag
reusable diapers

crib linen set
music mobile

Hmmm.. what else? I am sure there are some things that I forgot to include. Guess I'll just add them as soon I remember later.

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  1. what about breastfeeding stuff like pillow, pump, or cloth diapers?

    1. Hmm.. thanks for the ideas sis. Will add that too! :)


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