Thursday, May 30, 2013

MAC Matte Ruby Woo Review

Finally, I am posting this much awaited review of MAC Matte Ruby Woo. Much awaited because I've been meaning to purchase this specific MAC lippie for the longest time, however I procrastinated, then waited, and waited, until a friend of mine purchased it in the States for me. Yeah, I am that stingy. I won't buy an overpriced MAC from the mall or an online seller. Plus, there is also the risk of buying a fake one. You'll never know it's fake until you paid for it and it reaches your door. Anyhoo.. here's comes the review!

Retro Matte Lipstick..

MAC Matte Ruby Woo..

Matte Ruby Woo B13..

You can call me boring 'cos my lips were MAC virgin until the summer of this year! :P

Things That I Like About MAC Ruby Woo:
-Very matte.
-It's highly pigmented.
-Looks very good in photos.
-The color is perfect. Not too bold.

Things That I Don't Like:
-It is matte so it's drying the lips.
-It is not long-wearing.
-Using a lip balm or any lip moisturizer is a must before applying this lipstick.
-It is hard to find a reasonably-priced authentic MAC here in the metro.

Will I buy this lipstick again?
Honestly? I am not really sure as of now.


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks dear. I am wearing it often these days even it dries my lips. Mega apply lang ng moisturizer. Lol.

  2. Oooh. I love the shade! It looks gorgeous on you!

  3. The shade is sooooo beautiful! And it looks really good on you :) I don't own any MAC lippie yet but I'm planning to buy some soon. Maybe I should put Ruby Woo on my list of must-buys na rin :D

  4. The color looks good on you!

    Rosels' Mom

  5. Matte lipstick is great unlike the glossy ones. Question: how long does it take you to finish one tube of lipstick and dispose it?

    1. I never get to finish a tube. When I get tired of it, I either throw or give it away to whoever wants it.

  6. It does highlight your lips with a darker shade of red.

  7. It's really a gorgeous shade of red! ^__^

  8. I really love that shade. Shade of red will never be out of fashion. From GT. =)


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