Monday, May 20, 2013

Kusadasi Postcards

A friend in the US requests for a postcard. I thought it's a sweet idea to send one, so I was in a souvenir store the other night to buy. However, they don't sell it piece by piece here. It was three for 1TL or around 21Php. Actually, it's cheaper than Manila.

Will go around tomorrow and look for the post office. In the meantime, I need to think of two more special people to send these Kusadasi postcards. Perhaps, I'll send it to Auntie Jo in the province and to another friend across the miles.

I wish to send something else than postcards, though. The lady at the reception a while back was telling me to print brochures from My Turkish is really bad and she was struggling with English too. I was supposed to tell her I don't need any brochure, just wondering if she could print some photos from my archive cos I was planning to use them as personalized postcards. Argghh... we'll see what I can do tomorrow! ;)

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