Monday, May 20, 2013

Kusadasi in a Clip

Overlooking our room is an amazing view of Kusadasi. The coastline as well as the shops, restaurants and bars are either just a few steps away or across the street. The peninsula, the dock and the expensive yachts, the city traffic, and most of all, Pygale, the island where Agamemnon settled to heal his wounded soldiers and fix broken ships after the Trojan War, are overlooking from here.

The view..

A cruise ship..


The beach..

We finally hit the beach during lunch. I couldn't afford to strut my pregnant self in the sandy bay so it was just hubby and daughter who enjoyed swimming.

I am supposed to post more stories and photos. It's just hard to type using a tablet. Ugh, I regret not bringing a laptop. Next time nalang. Promise! ;)

*Sorry my mistake. I found out that the island is not actually Pygale. Pygale is located in Aydin but visible from where we stayed because they didn't excavate it yet.

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