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Thursday, May 16, 2013

I Can Never Get Enough Shoes!

I am so happy with my new pairs of leather shoes. I have a pair from Zara then another pair from INCI. The first pair is ballet shoes, while the second one is more like a wedge. I have another thing in mind though. It is this pink pumps with orange cap toes in the photo. Hope to purchase it as soon as I go back from our side trip to Izmir and Balikesir then will post a separate blog later.

On our 3rd day here in Istanbul, I saw awesome choices of leather shoes and summer sandals while shopping in Bakirkoy. Actually, there were too many footwear to choose from that words aren't enough to describe them. I drool just thinking of them.

Ahh, why do I always think of buying shoes and bags other than clothes whenever out of the country?

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