Thursday, May 16, 2013

Here in Istanbul

Already over a week here in Turkey. We are currently on a roadtrip and this is a scheduled post. Just trying to update my family and friends back in Manila.

Our first shopping destination was Bakirkoy. It is the place to go if you wanna to do sightseeing and shopping at the same time.

Et (beef) Doner on rice. This is my favorite Turkish meal here. Their rice is a little oily but still delicious!

This is dondurma. The Turkish version of gelato. Very nice. It is so thick and rich and doesn't melt right away. More like a gum in consistency and comes in various flavors.

Green plums. Hubby introduced this thing to me while at Migros, buying some grocery. It is not sweet nor very sour. I say it more like unripe guavas.

Lastly, we have here Istanbul traffic. It can be worse at times. Gah!


  1. Interesting food! :D Esp their version of gelato!

  2. Bakirkoy sounds funny :) The gelato looks yum-o!

  3. That's great sis, to have a time-off and be with a new place.

    Dondurma looks interesting. I can imagine it thicker and creamier than our local ice cream here that's Super Thick. Hehe. I forgot the brand though.


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