Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Wedding Planning and Preparation

I feel like a wedding a planner 'cos I am helping my younger brother and future sister-in-law prepare their civil wedding. It will be an intimate civil wedding with only more of less 30 family and close friends invited. To keep track of our progress, I made a list of things we already did and yet to accomplish.

1. Marriage License - Done. The couple went to the city hall to get this specific paper yesterday.

2. Wedding Officiant - I booked a registered solemnizing officer through the help of a relative. We will meet him for final details and down payment on Thursday.

3. Wedding Theme - The fiancĂ©e choose purple and white as a wedding theme. Below is the inspirational board which I created through Polyvore.

4. Wedding Bands - We had a problem with the gold wedding bands I purchased. The ring for the groom did not fit. Too late to return them so I bought another set in tungsten. Will blog about it soon.

5.  Wedding Invitation - My brother is looking for the best disc replication in the metro. He works in the music industry (lights & service/ DJ) so we thought CD invites is appropriate.

6. Wedding & Reception Venue - We visited Tramway Buffet Plaza yesterday, booked the venue, and paid 70% of the venue and food service.

7. Wedding Cake & Wine - We ordered their wedding cake at Kink Cakes. Wine will be selected this week.

8. Bridal Dress/ Groom's Attire - The bridal's dress is done. Next thing to buy is shoes. For the groom, they will have something new and something borrowed.

9. Bridal Hair & Makeup - This is going to be DIY. I have an idea on how to to do the hair. I also hope she agrees with the makeup.

10. Wedding Photographer - As you can see, the couple is being practical so we are cutting the expenses again by using our own camera.

The wedding is in less than 2 weeks. The preparation is very short but thank God we are almost there. Good luck to my brother and future sister-in-law.


  1. I planned my own wedding too. I asked my relatives and friends to help me accomplish a job well done! Your brother is lucky for having you as their wedding planner.

    Good luck and congratulations to your brother!


  2. Being a wedding planner is a good "raket" if you have a lot of connections. This can be your sideline sis...

  3. wow this is nice!whenever I hear someone planning a wedding, i can't help but be excited for the wedding singer haha! (i had the privilege of getting invited to sing at my friends' wedding).
    I'm pretty sure the day itself will be a fantastic and memorable one for the couple and for you too!

  4. Ooh, I love the wedding theme! Purple is one of my fave colors too. ;) Congratulations to the soon-to-be-wed!

  5. Galing girl. Pwede mo na gawin sideline yan ! 2 weeks preparation only! Amazing ! You have accomplished a lot!

  6. hay nako sis :P ang gulong comment section mo siguro sugges for those who comment often wala ng akismet/spam text chorva to type hahaha

    anyway this is my third time to post a comment :P dahil nilalamon ng comment section ng blogger ang comments ko kaines

    wow ang galing mo sis! 2 weeks preparation lang and you accomplished a lot you should make this your sideline na!

  7. oh wow.... Kelan kaya ako ikakasal? hahaha! I'm happy for them though, please extend my congratulations to them! ;)

  8. Wow.. that's nice sis! advance congratulations on your baby brother! hehehe :D And thank you for your wedding planning tips.. this is very handy for me in the future. ;)

  9. Oooooh. I'd love to plan a wedding too. :)

    Good job, sis.

  10. Wow, great job Mrs.Kolca! :) Your brother sure is lucky to have you ;) Anyway, I don't think I'll get married any time soon, but I've always thought of organizing my own wedding XD

  11. Oh how I miss planning a wedding! Our wedding motif was purple and silver. I planned our wedding too although we had an on-the-day coordinator. Congratulations to your brother! :)


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