Thursday, April 25, 2013

The Best Pink Laptop for Me

What kind of computer are you using? In my case, I have this pink Samsung laptop. It is my fourth one already. First I was using Acer eMachines, hubby switched it with Asus Eee T91, then later Acer Aspire. Just last year, he bought this Samsung NP300V5A for me. It is in pink color so it's like my dream laptop.

I love it to bits so I make sure that is clean almost everyday.

I like it a lot because it comes in one of my favorite colors.. pink!

It has genuine operating system, and of course, Intel Inside.

A pink mouse and a super cute mouse pad to match.

I tell you, a crazy thing happened last week when I got into trouble uninstalling a certain application that I downloaded by accident. I panicked seeing it pop out in every corner of my desktop. Registry repair is not available so I forced turning off my laptop and waited for hubby. Good thing he came home early that day and was able to fix the problem.

Gosh, I can't bear having corrupted files or worst is losing my lovely computer in one dumb move. Thanks God for my geek husband! :)


  1. These days I hardly use my laptop, an Asus Eee PC (can't remember the exact model). Being in front of the PC at work all day, I just use my smartphone for my media and surfing needs when I get home.

  2. How much is that? My sister also owns a pink laptop for a year now and fortunately we haven't encountered any problem using it. I'm also finding one now to replace my Toshiba Satellite laptop (very old).

  3. Noice! Sooooo chic... VERY kikay! ;)

  4. Corrupted files is really annoying but somehow, I manage with the bugs because I tend to try different solutions.


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