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Friday, April 05, 2013

NOTW: Pink Strawberries

From now on, I will be using 'nail of the week' instead of nail of the day'. I realized my nails do not chip off quickly so it saves me from shifting to another design right away. This pink strawberry nails for example is already 1 week old. I was supposed to try another nail design today, but it still looks good. I guess I will continue wearing it till next week.

It is really pink. It's just the camera which makes it look reddish.

I used pink as a base, green for the crown and white for the dots.

Lastly, I applied a colorless polish as coating for protection.

The daughter has also the same nail art in baby pink.

As shared in my Instagram account.

For my next nail art, I am thinking either another fruity nail or ombre. We'll see which design wins.
Happy weekend to each and all. Muah!


  1. Awww. That's so cute! I hope I have as steady hands as you do. :) Our daughters are at a same age. :)

  2. Cute.. I've seen the nailart on instagram.. :)

  3. so cute..

    http://knickknacksnix.blogspot.com/ :)

  4. OMG. Those are the cutest nails! And terno pa kayo! <3 <3 <3

  5. So kyooot! Will prolly ask the nail technician to do something like this on my short stubby nails when I get my mani after work. Inggitera lang. ^_^


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