Sunday, April 22, 2012

My Special Halo-halo

When it's hot, you will need something that could help you cool down. So today, I am sharing my first ever homemade halo-halo. The number one Filipino snack which is trending in a summer season like this. Yum nom nom!

First step for a homemade halo-halo is shop for the ingredients and a hand ice shaver. Cook the ingredients one by one. Fruits and root crops like banana, sweet potato, and langka needs to be cooked in sugar syrup. On the other hand, jelly and sago pearls should be cooked according to package directions. Lastly, make your halo-halo special by adding your favorite dessert like halayang ube, leche flan or ice cream.

Here are the ingredients to my halo-halo:
-banana (saba)
-sweet potato
-nata de coco
-ube jam
-minatamis na buko
-shaved ice
-evaporated milk

Here's how:
Fill your glass with a spoonful of each ingredient, except for the ice and milk. Pack some shaved ice into your halo-halo glass. Top it  with ube jam and minatamis na buko. Pour a desired amount of evaporated milk and enjoy.

Most of the ingredients are cooked in syrup so I did not add sugar anymore. Plus, I love ube so much so I doubled the scoop.

NOTE: This post was originally published in my old blog,, dated April 22, 2012.


  1. wow.. perfect for summer. I hate halo halo but because i can't take the heat I decided to try it..

  2. sarap ng ube! miss ko na yan. and ube ice cream, too!


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