Thursday, April 04, 2013

Missing School

Some of my friends think I still go school. The truth is, I did not enroll anymore after the first semester. My husband didn't like the class schedule which was normally from 6:00 to 9:00 in the evening. He would always complain about me going home late or attending my weekend subject. Like any other graduate school, I either get an evening class, a weekend class or both at the University of Makati. However, weekend is my family's time to relax and bond and being home late at night is a no-no to my dear hubby. To avoid arguments and future problems, I had no choice but to leave school for a while.

My favorite subject, Introduction to Special Education with Prof. Gerry Duwin Dela Zerna (in stripes). This class was composed of individuals with background in nursing, psychology, teaching, and other related courses.

My weekend class, Educational Technology with Prof. Gail Montero. This was my second favorite class from a total of 4 subjects. Our teacher was so kind and my classmates were so cool. Most of them were office girls then some were retirees.

I am not sure when to go back to school again. I already have 24 teaching units, so I guess I'll just get the licensure exam for teachers next year. After that, I will decide whether to take distance learning education degree or get a master's degree at the same university. By that time, I hope hubby will approve my schedule and will appreciate more the time and effort I exert in improving myself through education.


  1. we miss you too.. : I hope you can go back in the near future..BUT..quality time with family is THE BEST! :)

  2. whatever you decide on to, you know whats for the best :D for now spend more time with family cause thats the best love you can give to your family -- time <3


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