Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Sale Finds x Terranova Haul

I know I just need some shopping before going out of the country this summer. I need sweaters, sweatshirts, tights, etc. Spring in Istanbul is around 15 °C to 20 °C so people still layer a bit. Plus, we might be visiting colder places around Turkey, too. Thanks goodness that I had the chance of buying affordable winter clothes during sale at Terranova (MOA branch) two weekends ago.

Knits and sweaters for me and my daughter..

For me, a purple knitted top for only P295.

Still for me, a knitted striped sweater for P455.

For my daughter, a purple sweater for only P145.

Another item for the little girl, a knitted sweater with cowl neck for P295.

Lastly, red tights for me at P65.

I am very happy with my loot. It was my first time to shop at Terranova MOA, buying items at the lowest price. I originally thought about shopping in Turkey as soon as we arrive, but the Istanbul Shopping Fest will be done before our visit. Istanbul Shopping Fest is held yearly from March to April. Unfortunately, our trip will be on the second week of May.

More shopping soon! :)


  1. it feels just right when you buy something for yourself and for your daughter =)

  2. they are nice..:)) i got to buy a shirt from terranova,on sale too,for Php200.00.. Til now, I haven't tried wearing it..

  3. I love the temperature, just the right coldness to have a bit of layers but not too much!

  4. Nice buys! I also go to Terranova for my Winter Clothing shopping! ;)

  5. read tights looks gorgeous!!! Its not springy or winter season here but i have lots of sweaters too hihi xx

  6. I guess I have to check out Terranova too. Those sweaters look fab.


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