Saturday, March 16, 2013

NOTD: Skittles Candy

To those of you who follow me in IG and likers and friends in FB, I bet you already have a teeny weeny hint as to how my nails look like today. I posted the set of nail polish in different colors I used to create this simple nail art. Some guessed I will be using green, others said yellow, then another said ombre. Oh well, obviously, I didn't use just one color here. I used them all. And oh, it's not ombre but it's skittles!

My first ever candy nails. I had fun doing it.
It is sweet colorful rainbow of colors like Skittles.

This is the same nail polish I used for Christmas nails.
It is my favorite red nail polish yet.

To achieve the Skittles nails, start with a base which is red.
Make it dry. Drop rainbow colors on it. Lastly, coat with a colorless polish.

All the products I used for this nail art is from Caronia.
L-R: colorless, sweet surprise, kiwi, sun kissed, desire, first crush, and baby pink.

Do you like it? Or do you loooove it? Haha.
Quoting my daughter now with her usual expression.

That's all dearies. Happy weekend everyone!
Till my next post!! :)


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