Tuesday, March 26, 2013

My Daughter Singing 'That's Falling in Love'

I know Talking Angel is so cute that's why my 4 yo daughter loves singing its theme song as much as playing with the application. Today, I asked her to sing 'That's Falling in Love'. It's not her best yet. She needs to memorize the lyrics and also master the tune first, but I am sharing it anyway.

My singing sensation, recorded at her pink room just this morning.

Funny eh? I finally have a copy of the lyrics so I guess I'll teach her the correct lines. We'll make another video when she's done mastering it. Oh, I wish we have something like protools 10 at home. I heard pro tools can turn music recording into professional level. In any case, below is the lyrics of the song that my daughter is trying to sing in the video.

That's Falling in Love Lyrics
(from Talking Angela)

Wait, wait, I feel my heart change
Whenever you come around
The Earth shakes, it's more than I can take
I think my feet just left the ground

I know it feels like flying,
I can't stop smilin'
You're the one I've been dreaming of
It's like happily ever after, nothing else matters
I guess that's falling in love

That's falling, that's falling
I guess that's falling in love
That's falling, that's falling
I guess that's falling in love

Verse 2
You, you, you're all I think about
Every minute of every day
It's true blue the way I feel for you
Your sweet love takes me away

(Repeat Chorus)

I'm getting dizzy now, just like I'm spinning round
Could it be love?
I can't explain it, can't contain it,
I don't want to at all
I'm ready to fall

(Repeat Chorus)


  1. How old is she? She looks sooooo adorable and cute!!! :)

    1. Thank you! She is 4 years old. Will edit my post for that. Hihi.

  2. Your little girl is such a darling, Jingke! And so ready to be an Ate. :)

    Jen of MarriageAndBeyond.com

    p.s. sis, I hope you can consider to include URL/name option. :)

  3. Your daughter is really cute and smart. She was so lively with the singing too. I'm sure she'll be coming up with more videos in the future.

  4. Awwwww! OMG. This made my morning so much better! Askim is a star!

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