Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter Activities and Egg Hunting

Originally, I thought about having an Easter project with my daughter like we did last year. What kind of project? Anything goes. Maybe paint some eggs, make an egg mosaic or else bake some cupcakes with egg design. Here are some ideas.

Project #1 Real Easter Eggs. This requires hard-boiled eggs, pencil, glue, colored papers, ribbon, yarn, and glitters. Decorate anyway you like.

Project #2 Easter cookies. You may use a sugar cookie recipe for this one. Cut the cookies in interesting shapes like butterfly, egg, bunny, flower, etc. Decorate with colored frosting.

Project #3 Easter Egg Cake Pops. Try a chocolate cake recipe, form into egg balls, cover with colored fondant, then decorate with sugar sprinkles.

Ahhh.. Easter arts and crafts is something that mommies and kids will surely enjoy. Plus, there are too much project to choose from for an Easter activity. I just lost my focus and forgot that groceries and malls are closed during holy week. Good thing I was able to purchase a bag of colorful plastic eggs a week ago, but no one wants to have an Easter egg-hunting in the community. Everyone else are doing the hunt in malls or shopping areas. So anyway, we will be out for an Easter egg hunting somewhere in Makati now. Happy Easter Everyone!! :)

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  1. those are really cute. make sure you post more photos when you have the project done.

    1. thanks.. but those photos are not mine as stated at the bottom of my post.. ^^


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