Friday, March 29, 2013

Different Kinds of Jacket for Women

Jacket is one of the staple or must-have items in a person's closet. It is a nice piece of clothing for mixing and matching and for layering esp. during those days that temperature is lower. There are different kinds of jacket for various seasons and occasions for women alone. I tried to enumerate some of them and was able to come up with 15 through the help of Polyvore. Here they are.

The purple one is womens marmot jacket, orange is a knitted jacket, rain jacket at the center, ski jacket at the upper right, and fur jacket at the lower right.

Pink is a peplum jacket, denim jacket over it, cropped jacket at the center, biker jacket at the upper right, and floral jacket below it.

Now we have here an army jacket, varsity jacket over it, studded jacket at the center, leather jacket at the upper right, and ombre jacket at the lower right.

Can you add more kinds of jacket on this list? Tell me in a comment below.


  1. My fave jacket (right now) is my denim jacket! haha! goes great with floral dresses :)

    Dunno what are other jackets, I have those cropped jackets and kind of like the floral jacket's style but not floral haha

  2. Kung payat na ako I'll wear any of these. Haha.

  3. wow so many types of jackets!! sana may winter dito sa pilipinas para masuot natin yung mga may fur LOL :P

  4. I wasn't aware that there are so many different kinds of jacket for women. Now I know; thanks to your post. I like the denim jacket and the biker jacket the most.

  5. how i hope we have a winter season in this country to wear those jackets. sigh.


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