Sunday, March 03, 2013

Choose Juice

As the world becomes more and more health conscious, choices of fruit and vegetable drinks become wider too. My family is used to drinking juice, though personally, I'd prefer drinking water. For me, if I drink juice after meal, it also necessary to drink water, which makes me feel bloated drinking too much liquid. To avoid the bloated part, I just grab the water instead of any colored drinks. Plus, I'd rather eat my juice, if you know what I mean. Nevertheless, it's already normal for me to buy a healthy kind of juice for my daughter and husband. I would stock on 100% apple, kiwi or pineapple juices and other health drinks so I have something to give them every time they ask something to drink. Besides, it is already summer time. The heat is scorching and some people are already suffering heat stroke. To beat the heat, it is good to grab a glass of fruit juice.

The last time I drank juice was over a week ago. I got this glass of Malee which was a mix of orange, apple, beets, broccoli, carrots and other vegetables.

Currently available in my pantry are the following.. Ceres Apple, Tipco Kiwi, Malee Veggies, Del Monte Pineapple, and First Vita Plus Dalandan.

The juice which didn't make it to the class picture is this First Vita Plus Melon flavor.

All of these juices are made from 100% fruits or vegetables, even the powdered First Vita Plus products. First Vita Plus are natural health drink made locally with ingredients like malunggay, saluyot, talbos ng camote, etc. They come in flavors like dalandan, melon, guyabano, and mangosteen. I stopped buying powedered juices long time ago for my family to be healthy and fit, but changed my mind when I saw First Vita Plus because they promise fiber and nutrients to those who drink it. I tell you, it a great alternative to those ordinary fruit juices that loaded with too much sugar in the market these days. You just pay a little more but the benefit is surprising once you started taking it.

I just wish that there are more choices of locally-made health juices like Del Monte and First Vita Plus. As you can see from the choices in my pantry, most of my juices are imported. Why don't we have 100% mango juice or guyabano juice? I think there are other nutritious fruits too that Filipinos may cultivate abundantly for its juice like guava or mangosteen.

Do you like drinking juice? So far, what brands do you buy and which flavor is your favorite?


  1. I love drinking juice but I have to stop myself because I know it's loaded with sugar :)) Instead, I freeze fruits and make smoothies nowadays. Next, I will buy myself a juicer!

  2. I am not really a juice person, I am more of a water person.

    Although juice is a lot more beneficial than soda and caffeinated drinks :)

    If I were to choose, I always go for apple juice :)

  3. I'm not into juice but I love to try tipco juice.

  4. I super love Tipco! Have you tried the Orange Medley variant?



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