Monday, March 11, 2013

Bricks & Copper Baklava Review

This sweet pastry originating from the Ottoman Empire is a famous Turkish dessert. Hubby came home with a box of baklava from Bricks & Copper one day and I was like, "Oh no!" As you know, I am carefully watching my food intake these days. Okay, I sometimes cheat by eating cookies and sweets, but I make sure I can burn those calories right away. Being pregnant with my second baby, I want to avoid gestational diabetes mellitus as long as I can. So anyway, I welcomed the box of baklava, tried a bite then stocked it in the fridge.

layers and layers of filo pastry..

chopped nuts in between the layers..

drizzled with syrup.. so sweet!

a box of baklava sweetness..

My Verdict:
I like the fact that they did not pour the syrup and packed it in a separate container. That way, I can eat baklava with less sugar and the box wasn't sticky or wet.

Another thing that I like about this baklava.. less sweeter than those I had in the past. However, it has less nuts too. I was expecting my baklava to have more nuts in between layers and extra topping of crushed pistachios.

About the price, considering the taste and value for money, I think P500 for 12 squares of baklava is okay.


  1. Sounds yum, haven't tried one before though! Oh btw, which country are you visiting in May? sounds fun!

  2. ang mahal pala ng baklava dyan! i always look forward to these sweets when my sister comes home from Abu Dhabi. :D

    1. Mas mahal sa restaurant sis. They would cost almost P200 for 2 squares only!

  3. Looks delicious. Haven't tasted such yet but love foods with syrups..yum! And oh, congratz on ur second baby :)

  4. It looks good ah! I always save room for desserts.


  5. Okaaay, after posting a healthy eating inclined food post I am now super craving for a few bites (or more!) of these tempting baklava. >.<

  6. Okaay, after posting a healthy eating inclined post I am now craving for a few bites (or more!) of that tempting baklava! >.<

  7. Ohhh... congrats on your second baby! I pray a safe pregnancy for you.

    So that's what a baklava looks like! It reminds me of Napoleones, a delicacy from Bacolod.

  8. Oh! I love baklava! My exboyfriend's mom used to bring me those from Bahrain everytime she comes home to the Philippines. Too bad I don't recall which shop she buys them from.

  9. Oh! I love baklava! My ex-boyfriend's mom used to bring me baklava from Bahrain every time she comes home to the Philippines. Too bad, I can't recall the name of the shop where she used to buy them.


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