Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Turkish Lunch at Bricks & Copper

It was late last year when hubby took me and my daughter to this newly opened Turkish restaurant (authentic) for the first time. On my second visit, I made sure I got a camera with me so I can take photos of the restaurant and my food. Here's my review.

The entrance to Bricks & Copper. It is right at the foot of the walkalator going to Super 8 grocery in Shaw 500 Zentrum. The restaurant is not too big but has a warm atmosphere.

A yummy appetizer, cheese pide or peynirli pide in Turkish. I paid P200 for this. It is good for 2 people.

For the main course, I got a single serving of this pita Döner (similar to beef shawarma) for P99. Hubby likes this a lot. He strongly recommends it.

Two choices of sauce for the pita döner.. garlic and chili. I don't like spicy food,so I chose garlic of course!

This is the newest addition to Bricks & Copper's menu, lahmacun or Turkish pizza. Serves 2-4. Sorry, I forgot to ask the price of this one.

The Turkish way of eating lahmacun is to put a portion of salad on top of the bread, fold it and enjoy. Thus, lahmacun always comes with this kind of salad-- fresh lettuce and tomatoes with lemon squeeze.

For dessert, I ordered this sütlaç or Turkish rice pudding for my daughter. A single serving is P80.

My total dining experience was fun because some women and kids from the Turkish-Online Filipino Online Community joined me.

Will I ever go back to this place again? Yes, for sure and that's to get myself some cheese pide, my ultimate favorite dish from this restaurant.

Thank you to Chef Ibrahim Keskin and his wife Dhez for the warm welcome and delicious food. Till next time!

Bricks & Copper
GF Shaw 500 Zentrum, Shaw Blvd.,
Mandaluyong, Philippines
Open from Mon to Sun: 7 AM to 2 PM
Tel. (02) 697-2007

Note: The last photo is not mine. I borrowed it from F. Yildiz.


  1. wow, the peynirli pide looks really good. I wonder how Turkish dishes are similar to Indian or Middle Eastern food?

    1. It very similar with Persian cuisine sis and slightly similar with Indian.

  2. Turkish dishes are really savory and rich in flavor which makes it really a treat to our taste buds.

  3. the food looks yummy! and it is just near my place. will visit bricks and copper soon :)

    1. try the cheese pide sis.. it is superb! :)

    2. @thekitchengodess.

      Hope you can visit our place soon..

  4. Wow, I have never tried Turkish food and they look amazing.

  5. Really wanna try out those yummy dishes sis, and good thing it's so affordable. Thanks for sharing ur food experience sis. :-)

  6. I'll try to go there and taste the food.
    Sutlac is super awesome! Had 2 of it when I went to Turkey :p
    I hope they would serve Baklava there as well.
    Thanks for sharing :)

    1. @kmmyp..Hi, Hope you can visit our place soon. We serve Baklava here in Bricks and Copper..thanks

  7. I haven't explored Turkish cuisine yet but that restaurant looks promising. I would definitely love to try the Cheese Pide :) It looks very good!

  8. thanks for sharing your yummy appetite sis! I also want those tomato salad :)


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