Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Paris Passport Cover

Remember my super quick stop at the Victoria's Secret Store at NAIA Ternimal 3 late last year? Too bad we were on the hurry to catch our flight to Puerto Princesa City that day. I could have gotten myself  my dream passport holder. Next travel that will make me pass through NAIA 3 will be October. Either way, I will shop for some pink and fabulous when that time comes. As of now, I'm going to content myself with this very cute Paris passport holder that I recently bought at Regalong Pambahay in Megamall.

They have a Philippine and British version of this but I just have to buy Paris with Love. Besides, who doesn't dream of touring that romantic place, right?

Je t'aime. Home is where the heart is. I paid only P300 for this! :P

This is how the inside pockets look. Detail is just okay.. not so perfect.

And.. this is the first page of my renewed Philippine passport. As you can see, it is valid until September 13, 2014 only so hope to fly more before it expires.

The first time I used this passport was February 22, 2011. That was when Hubby, daughter, helper and I flew to Hong Kong for a quick vacation.

The last travel was going to Istanbul last March 12, 2011 and back to Manila in May 8, 2011 (see my Turkish visa in the photo).

So, when will be my next travel using this passport?
This summer.

Where to?
Istanbul again!

You know, I am freakin' excited about it because this time, hubby and I are planning to tour not only Istanbul, but Turkey (inshallah)! Plus, I will have a chance to do some shopping. Imagine local brands like Collezione, MatraƟ, INCI, etc. during the Istanbul Shopping Fest. Plus, international brands like Zara, Mango, Topshop, etc. that are cheaper there compare here in Manila.

Ohhh la la! Just wait a little more!! :))


  1. this is really cute dear! i have been wanting to change my passport's sleeve case and you gave me an idea where to get a good one!

  2. lovely! my passport holder too is from the Philippines -- a gift sent to me by a dear dear friend.

    you know, my main purpose of going to Paris last year was so that i have perfect excuse of buying everything with Eiffel Tower graphic.

    enjoy your Istanbul holiday! *drool*

  3. so cute passport cover!! i need to buy one for myself so my passport would look dandy :D

    The Bargain Doll

  4. You sure got yourself a very nice looking passport cover! Who doesn't love Paris? :-)


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