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Saturday, February 23, 2013

NOTD: Frutti Petutie x Hello Kitty

This Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure polish was laying in my beauty stash for a while until I finally took it out for some experiment today. Big thanks to a Texan friend who gave it to me as a gift (read my previous post here). I am quiet a stingy person and wouldn't spend much on a tiny bottle of nail polish, so I think it's very sweet for her to treat me with this pink 540 Frutti Petutie.

I checked Sally Hansen at Landmark Trinoma.
A botttle this size is around P400. Expensive huh?!

I like the wide brush a lot for faster application.
Compare with other nail polish brands, Sally Hansen is quick-dry too.

This is how my nails look today after half an hour of cleaning and painting.
I used Hello Kitty nail design which I got from a store somewhere in Starmall.

A closer shot of my nails. Not very neat because I was in a hurry.
Look, the ring finger is almost perfect but the little finger is messy.

Have you tried a Sally Hansen nail polish before? What can you say about their nail products?
Drop me some line below. Happy weekend! <3


  1. I love your nails!It's so cuuuteee :) may Hello Kitty paaaa.. :) I wish I can do this to my nails too :)

  2. that looks os cute dear! love the design too! i haven't put nail polish for months now. i gues this is a sign hehe xx

  3. i did not notice that it's messy, look dainty and really fits your lovely fingers.

  4. now that is really cute sis...:) aside from revlon, SH is one of my faves, mabilis kasi mag dry.

  5. Not yet, cos like you said, it's quite pricey nga. But it might be worth a try :)


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