Friday, February 08, 2013

A Few Pink Things

My slight obsession with pink things began when I learned that I was having a baby daughter. That was over four years ago. I thought I will slowly forget about it.. but boy I was wrong. I still prefer pink things when shopping, buying toiletries, accessories, etc. And take note, even my friends support me with my obsession.

Here are my latest favorite body mist and body cream.. Bath & Body Works' Sweet Pea. The body mist has glitters so I prefer using it at night (normally after shower). The body cream is very nice too. It is perfect for me as it helps with hydration. Both are sweet-smelling. Lucky me that I have a friend who sells imported items from the US. I checked Landmark for Bath & Body Works product and learned that a tube of body cream with the same size is P600. I got mine for only P400. Woot! As for the price of the body mist.. I forgot. I think I paid P500 for it. Arrghh.. my memory is so bad!!

I was at Starmall last week to buy donuts for my daughter when I passed by the Timex store and spotted this lovely watch. The moment I saw it, I knew I just have to buy it. Uh, not for myself but for my tween sister-in-law. I was very happy to tell hubby about it as soon as he gets home 'cause the watch has a night light and I paid less than P2000 for it.

A parcel notification came a week ago. I went to the local post office to claim it. When the postwoman asked if I know the sender, I replied shyly that I don't have any idea. I was not expecting anything from anyone though at the back of my mind, it could be a Valentine gift from a friend abroad. Guess what, it is a holiday gift from Dhemz of D' Dias Family Spot! She sent me a newsletter with a personal greeting for my pregnancy and a beautiful family photo. Together with them is an ELF liquid lipstick, Sally Hansen nail polish and a Victoria's Secret underwear all in pink!! I was so kilig when I saw her gift. So sweet for her to remember me. Thanks again Dhemz dear. Muah!


  1. Maybe I am the only girls who likes the color BLUE lol You got a nice collection of pink!


  2. Wow, your friend is so thoughtful! Me too, I love anything pink! Pati nga kay Hello Kitty kinikilig ako kahit 30ish na ang edad ko. LOL.

  3. Just like you, my fave was violet. When I learned I was having a baby girl, pink na gusto ko haha! Now that I have two girls, nasasatisfy ko na sarili ko with both colors, violet sa isa, pink sa isa hahaha!

  4. PINK really stunning sis! I am eyeing with your satin-pink Victoria Secret :)I am a PINK girl too
    Merci for sharing your post!

  5. Count me in on those who love the color pink. Your friend is so nice and thoughtful!

  6. I love, love the smell of Sweet Pea! And nice watch too! :)


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