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Monday, January 07, 2013

Sale Finds from Mango Year-End Sale

I procrastinated posting this entry. Ufff.. blame it to hormones. Anywya, I went shopping with my daughter on the first day of year-end sale at a nearby mall. So far, I was able to score two lovely dresses. I lose the battle of getting a new pair of leather flats from Zara in size 37, but I am a winner at Mango. Oh yeah!

For better view of the dresses, I borrowed the following photos from the Mango website.

Sale Find: Blue Patterned Dress
Regular Price: P1,950
Sale Price: P 995

Sale Find: Crystal Embellished Dress
Regular Price: P 2,250
Sale Price: P 995

I think I can wear these dresses even with a baby bump. The first dress has a stretchy material while the second one has a bubble tummy area. Yay, love it!


  1. Nice finds, Mrs. K! Great fan of your blog :)

  2. what a great deal.. i'll check the mango outlet here in town if they also have this kind of deal

  3. The first dress is very classy! :) Great finds!

  4. Nice finds. It's been a while since i've shopped for dresses...


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