Thursday, January 03, 2013

Meralco Bill Deposit Refund

Our December 2012 Meralco bill came to our doorstep last night. A utility personnel of our building dropped it together with other letters while we were having dinner. The bill says our total current amount for December 2012 which is due on January 7, 2013 is P0.00. For the first time in almost 7 years usage of Meralco service, we are getting a deposit refund so we're very happy.

Good news! We have credited to your December 2012 bill: AMOUNT P 7,202.90. This represents the interest that your bill deposit has earned. Distribution utilities are required to pay interest on bill deposits. Bill deposit is an amount required from customers of distribution utilities as a guarantee for payment of electric bills. This amount is reflected in the "Other Charges" item of your detailed billing found  at the back of this billing statement.
For more information, please call our Bill Deposit Hotline at 632-8888 or the nearest Meralco Business Center.

Honestly, we didn't mind the raise of our Meralco bill a lot too because comparing with friends, we still have the lowest even our households are almost same. All that we were happy about was our bill never went beyond P2,000. We have all sort of appliances like fridge, oven, laptop computer, washing machine, water heater, etc. except for A/C. Thanks to the design of our 84 sqm unit that we have enough ventilation in each room. Most of all thanks to the energy saving tips that we learned to practice, the same tipid tips which gave us the lowest bill in March 2010 amounting to a whooping P772!

So, how's your Meralco bill? Did you get a refund too? :)

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