Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Disney Princesses and Heroes on Ice

This is a long overdue post. Days passed by so quickly since I announced my second pregnancy. I am thankful that I am almost done with the uncomfortable and crazy first trimester. Now I am not that lazy anymore to do things that I used to do. Well, we watched the Disney Princesses and Heroes on Ice before New Year. It was hubby's gift to the little one. He bought patrons seats again which made me worried it will be worst than Mickey's Rockin' Road Show. Turned that it was not as good as Disney on Ice: Let's Celebrate! but at least way better than Disney Live! Mickey's Music Festival. Here's for my short photologue.

In her good luck polka dotted dress 5 minutes before the show started..

The kindhearted Belle and the eating utensils or silverware..

Princess Tiana with her "Almost There" number..

The princess of all princesses.. Cinderella and her Prince Charming..

Bravo little girl.. she wanted a photo with Ariel in the background.. ^^

That's all for now. Off to get myself some breakfast and will wake up my daughter to prepare for school. Happy Tuesday morning everyone!! :)

NOTE: You might think I am publishing a wrong post here. Actually no. It's just that decided to maintain a single blog from now on and I have chosen this. Starting today, I will no longer update Living the Turkish Life (already hidden) and Mrs. Kolca's House. This blog, Pink MagaLine, will contain everything that I love to write about. As stated in my profile, "This blog is all about my cross-cultural life, sale finds and product reviews, then celebrity and catwalk styles, and a lot more random things that I like".

Friday, January 18, 2013

Frabelle Foodie Chef Finals

The Frabelle Foodie Chef Finals, a Facebook promotion of Frabelle Foods, was held at Cafe 1771 in Ortigas Pasig Thursday last week. It was attended by foodies, bloggers, media and some famous personalities.

The 1st Frabelle Foodie Chef competition actually started last year in October. Food lovers, enthusiasts and consumers of Frabelle Foods in the Metro Manila area were invited to join. Each participant were required to come up with a unique recipe using any of the Frabelle products like hotdogs, cheesedogs, ham, tocino, longganiza, and bacon.

The Frabelle Foodie Chef finalists presenting their entries (from left to right): Nathan Dapon with Frabelle Trimeat Breakfast, Maridel Pacleb with Frabelle Delish Muffin, Marlon Cruz with Frabelle Meatlover’s Dream, Neneth Tiongkiao-Madrona with Stuffed Chicken, and Romeo Julian Garcia with Hickory Smoked Bacon Wrapped Stuffed Chicken.

Sen. Francis Joseph "Chiz" Escudero, who considers himself a Frabelle Foodie Chef at heart, was one of the judges at the 1st ever Frabelle Foodie Chef Finals.

This super yummy Stuffed Chicken, which also won the Blogger's Choice Award, was selected to be the best among 5 entries.

The cook behind the Stuffed Chicken, Neneth Tiongkiao-Madrona is the 1st Frabelle Foodie Chef grand winner. She received P20,000 and a one day Culinary Class at the Center for Culinary Arts in Manila. On the other hand, consolation winners received P5,000 each.

It was a fun event to see a talented Filipino excel in cooking. Congratulations Ms. Neneth! Till the next Frabelle Foodie Chef search everyone! :)

Monday, January 07, 2013

Sale Finds from Mango Year-End Sale

I procrastinated posting this entry. Ufff.. blame it to hormones. Anywya, I went shopping with my daughter on the first day of year-end sale at a nearby mall. So far, I was able to score two lovely dresses. I lose the battle of getting a new pair of leather flats from Zara in size 37, but I am a winner at Mango. Oh yeah!

For better view of the dresses, I borrowed the following photos from the Mango website.

Sale Find: Blue Patterned Dress
Regular Price: P1,950
Sale Price: P 995

Sale Find: Crystal Embellished Dress
Regular Price: P 2,250
Sale Price: P 995

I think I can wear these dresses even with a baby bump. The first dress has a stretchy material while the second one has a bubble tummy area. Yay, love it!

Thursday, January 03, 2013

Meralco Bill Deposit Refund

Our December 2012 Meralco bill came to our doorstep last night. A utility personnel of our building dropped it together with other letters while we were having dinner. The bill says our total current amount for December 2012 which is due on January 7, 2013 is P0.00. For the first time in almost 7 years usage of Meralco service, we are getting a deposit refund so we're very happy.

Good news! We have credited to your December 2012 bill: AMOUNT P 7,202.90. This represents the interest that your bill deposit has earned. Distribution utilities are required to pay interest on bill deposits. Bill deposit is an amount required from customers of distribution utilities as a guarantee for payment of electric bills. This amount is reflected in the "Other Charges" item of your detailed billing found  at the back of this billing statement.
For more information, please call our Bill Deposit Hotline at 632-8888 or the nearest Meralco Business Center.

Honestly, we didn't mind the raise of our Meralco bill a lot too because comparing with friends, we still have the lowest even our households are almost same. All that we were happy about was our bill never went beyond P2,000. We have all sort of appliances like fridge, oven, laptop computer, washing machine, water heater, etc. except for A/C. Thanks to the design of our 84 sqm unit that we have enough ventilation in each room. Most of all thanks to the energy saving tips that we learned to practice, the same tipid tips which gave us the lowest bill in March 2010 amounting to a whooping P772!

So, how's your Meralco bill? Did you get a refund too? :)

Wednesday, January 02, 2013


Let us talk about one of my favorite Turkish fashion stores, the brand called Collezione. At first, I thought the Collezione in the Philippines and Collezione in Turkey are the same. They have this small section at SM Department Store where they sell t-shirts under the name Collezione. Later on, I saw Collezione C2 stores that sell the same stuff.

A Collezione store in Taksim Square in Istanbul. Taken during the 2011 Istanbul Shopping Festival. See the ad? T-shirts were as low as 4.99 TL or 114 Php.

Two of my sale finds that summer..

Sailor Striped top - 19.99 TL

Denim Shorts - 34 TL

Their current campaign poster for women.

And for men.

According to hubby, the Collezione store here in Manila is fake. Well, I totally understand his initial reaction because he knows how stylish Collezione Turkey is. We just both didn't know that these brands are not in anyway related to each other nor one of them imitating the other. It was the logo that brought us into confusion.

Clockwise: The old Collezione Philippines logo, Collezione Turkey logo, and the new Collezione with the "C2" logo.

At first, I thought they just "localized" the brand here, but after some investigation, I found out that Collezione Turkey and Collezione-C2 Philippines are really two different companies. Thanks to the history of both stores as stated in their respective websites and to the previous write ups about these two companies.


About Collezione-C2 Philippines from http://www.collezione-c2store.com/

The Collezione brand was established 38 years ago (1972) and was one of the pioneers of local branded garment in the Philippines. Collezione’s specialty is the manufacturing and marketing of men’s t-shirts (with collar and cuff).

Back in 1972, Collezione got its inspiration from world-class brands that could only be admired through the pages of magazines. The importation was very limited during those days and the Philippine population had little access to high quality imported garments. Thus, the company wanted to fill the need of the Filipino people and supply them with high quality, imported looking t-shirt that were locally made.

Jericho Rosales for Collezione C2.

One of the women shirts from the latest collection.

A Collezione C2 store in Glorietta, Makati.


Collezione Turkey History from http://www.collezione.com

Collezione, one of the pioneering brands in the fashion industry in Turkey, began its journey with the objective to become a world brand by opening its first store in Bakırköy in 1987.

Collezione, which has spearheaded the industry by developing creative and innovative approaches and services for 24 years, now has become one of the leading brands in ready –to- wear retailing sector in Turkey with its closed to 100 stores and more than 100 corner stores within the country and with its 48 selling points in 18 different countries.

Collezione, which has adopted and driven by the vision to become “the Leading Brand in Fashion Clothing Market in Turkey by 2015, To Achieve the Top of Mind Awareness, in other words to Strive to Become a Brand that First Comes to Mind and To Become a Global Brand”, is continuing to grow by opening new stores both in Turkey and in diverse locations throughout the world, continuously investing in its infrastructure and by equipping itself with the state of art technologies to deliver its customers a higher quality level service a greater value.

Collezione stores bring together world fashion and young people and people who feel young with the ideal blend and combination of “fast fresh fashion” concept and “fair price” philosophy. Collezione has strengthened its position as one of the leading brands in Turkey not only by embracing the world and hard work towards becoming a world brand but also differentiating itself with its specific fashion and life style brand that reflects the core values of its innovative philosophy.


And.. Philippines is not included in their list of overseas stores.

Collezione Overseas Stores

Collezione Varna Towers
Vladislav Varnenchik Road Varna/Bulgaria

Collezione Albi Shopping Mall
Shopje Road, Veternik/Prishtine/Kosova

Collezione City Park Mall
Autostrada Tirane - Durres, Km.12 Gjokaj-Tirana/Albania

Collezione QTU Mall
Autostrada Tirane - Durres, Km.6 Gjokaj-Tirana/Albania

Collezione Girne
Mete Adanır Caddesi No:18B (Deniz Plaza yanı) Girne/K.K.T.C

Collezione Lefkoşa
Mehmet Akif Caddesi,Ereş Apt. No:1-2 Dere Boyu Lefkoşa/K.K.T.C.

K.K.T.C./Gazi Mağusa
Collezione Gazi Mağusa
Cahit Sıtkı Tarancı Cad. Umut Berberoğlu Apt. Gülseren Yolu Mağusa/K.K.T.C.

Collezione Tbilisi
Davit Aghmashenebeli ave., No:89 Tbilisi 0102, Georgia

Collezione TC Shopping Mall
Tbilisi Central Shopping Mall ,2 Vagzali Square. Tbilisi 0102, Georgia

Collezione Goodwill Shopping Mall
Goodwill Trade Center. 1 Qavtaradze Str., Tbilisi 0186, Georgia

Saudi Arabia/Jeddah
Collezione Alandalus Mall
King Abdul Aziz Square, Prince Majeed Street

Saudi Arabia/Jeddah
Collezione Haifa Mall
Palestine Street, No:1 Jeddah Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia/Dammam
Collezione Mall of Dharhan Mall
King Saud Road, P.O. Box: 39450 Dhahran 31942 Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia/Dammam
Collezione Marina Mall
Alkhaleej Road, Dammam/Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia/Madinah
Collezione Al Noor Mall
King Abdullah Road, Second Ring, Madinah P.O Box: 1869 Madinah 41441 Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia/Riyadh
Collezione Riyadh Gallery
Junction Of King Fahad Road and King Abdul Aziz Street, 11411-Riyadh / Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia/Riyadh
Collezione Sahara Mall
King Abdullah Prince Road, P.O. Box: 803 Riyadh 11421 Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia/Riyadh
Collezione Khurais Plaza
Khurais Road, Exit 28. P.O Box: 341904 Riyadh 11333 Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia/Makkah
Collezione Makkah Mall
Al King Abdullah Ibn Abdul Aziz Road Makkah/Saudi Arabia

Collezione Majidi Mall
60. Street, Kasnazan Road Arbil/North Iraq

Erbil/IRAK Collezione Royall Mall
Royall Mall Shorsh Street

Collezione Libya
Qaerawan St. - Alfwayhat - Belaon in front of the Libyan International Medical Univ.


So there you go. It is clear that Collezione in Turkey, that awesome store that sells lots of affordable fashion pieces, has nothing to do with Collezione C2, a local brand that is famous for patriotic t-shirts.  Hubby is definitely wrong that Collezione here or Collezione C2 is fake (he admitted it). Both brands are original but they're not in anyway connected to each other. No comparison as well 'cause Collezione C2 focuses on Philippine themed shirts while its Turkish counterpart is more of current trends.

Photo Source:

Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Pink MagaLine's Best of 2012

Oh.. hey 2013! How are you? I know everyone is excited to meet you but dear.. let me look back a bit and remember the best of 2012. Here ya go..

It's More Fun in the Philippines - I created this post to show my support to the Department of Tourism (DOT) with their "It's More Fun in the Philippines"campaign. As a Filipino citizen, I felt the need in promoting it and telling other people about how good of a country this is. I know Philippines is not perfect and has a lot of flaws, but bottom line is, it is the only country that I have!

SKIN: The TAO Model's Party - It was a glamorous party held at Genting Club in Resorts World Manila. Celebrities, actors and models gathered for the TAO (Talent Agents’ Organization) Skin Party. Grateful to have a friend in the industry. Thanks Jing for the invitation.

KC Concepion for Bayo Summer Campaign - One word for this new campaign: awesome! I am totally in love with some of the pieces seen in the photos.

Buffet Lunch at Tides - My most unforgettable gastronomic experience for the year.. alunch buffet at Tides in Shangri-La's Mactan Resort & Spa.

Rebonding at Pia Jane Salon - I found this cheap salon very near my place. Friendly staff. Good service.

Style Icons x I Love Koi - It was an intimate event attended by lifestyle and fashion bloggers, a few people from media and selected guests. Style icons Patricia Prieto, Tricia Gosingtian and Plump Pinay (Dawn & Stacy) were there to talk about the swimwear they designed themselves.

Kipling Spring/Summer 2012 - Kipling presented its Spring/Summer 2012 collection in a fashion show at SM Mall just recently. Models strutted the catwalk wearing bags from the Basic, Basic Travel, Sweet Me, My Valentine, Vintage, Gorilla Gilz, City, City Business, 25 Years, Back to School, and Working Life line.

PFW Holiday 2012: Jian Lasala for Ready to Wear Collection - I thought I'll never get to watch any show of Philippine Fashion Week due to my long summer vacation. Feeling lucky, I scored invites from a couple of designers and a local brand. I was able to catch a total of 3 shows and took almost 500 photos.

School is Cool - I finished my college degree at the University of Makati, formerly known as Pamantasan ng Makati, located in West Rembo, Makati City. This year, I'm enrolled again at the same university to finish Certificate in Teaching. I could've enrolled in a different school, but I didn't want to waste the 12 units I took in 2004. Thanks to the good dean of College of Arts, Sciences and Education.

OOTD: Graduate Student - I had to dress like a "real teacher" because it was my turn to report. Well, at least I get to practice modest dressing again during days like that. I mean, I am almost always modest, but this one is like more modest.

Sale Find: Red One Shoulder Dress - This is, so far, my best sale find in dress category for year 2012. I love this dress to bist. Bought it an awesome price!

Ooh la la.. La Senza - It was an intimate event, launching La Senza's newest line called the Show Off. Lingeristas or lingerie enthusiasts, fashion bloggers and some people from traditional media attended the event.

SM Kids Fashion Spring/Summer 2013 - SM Kid's Fashion for spring and summer 2013 featured trendy pieces from Crib Couture, Litte Miss, Hello Kitty, Bradley, Dude, Modern Princess, Modern Price, Blush, Girls Edition, Boys Got Style, and Trajecitos de Bebe.

Sale Find: Cage Heels - I have been wanting to buy a new pair of caged heels, but couldn't find the best brand with a reasonable price. Good news for me.. I found a perfect pair of caged heels during a weekend sale at Primadonna. Not to mention, it is a cross between my friend's sexy strappy heels and that Pour la Victoire shoes up there.

The Reddest Day - A day before the doomsday (according to the Mayan calendar), I was on my way to the Makati City Hall to attend a wedding. I think it was the perfect day to be married. Right when everyone else was expecting for the end of the world but NOT! Thanks heavens the Mayans are wrong!!

That's all to remember. Happy New Year everyone!! Cheers to more health, happiness, and prosperity!!!

Last photo is not mine. It's from http://dezignhd.blogspot.com.