Saturday, December 29, 2012

Two Pink Lines

Every time I got a question as to when hubby and I were planning to have our second baby, my usual answer were either, "Not yet. Mahal magpalaki" or "Baby will come in God's will". Little that they know that we already planned our family right after our first baby. Hubby suggested we have our second child after our daughter turns 5. I was negotiating to have it after she turns 3 because I was worried I might be too old to give birth again at 33. My plea didn't work so I just submitted myself, and here I am now, sharing the good news.

I am positive and exactly 5 weeks on the way! Look at those two pink lines!!

This thing is just turning out the way we want it to be. Baby number 2 is expected to come just a month before our first child turns 5 next year in September. Hubby is hoping for a baby boy this time, while either boy or girl is fine with me.

As an expectant mom again, I am praying for my baby #2 to be healthy and as beautiful as my daughter. Boy or girl, I will love him/her with all my heart. Thanks to my supportive husband who always gives in to my requests and cravings. I am indeed lucky to be married to such person. He is a good provider, a sweet father and a wonderful husband to me.

More about baby #2 next year. Happy New Year in advance!

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