Thursday, December 27, 2012

The Reddest Day

A day before the doomsday (according to the Mayan calendar), I was on my way to the Makati City Hall to attend a wedding. I think it was the perfect day to be married. Right when everyone else was expecting for the end of the world but NOT! Thanks heavens the Mayans are wrong!!

I did my own make up. The wedding was at 10 o'clock in the morning so I chose very light colors with a pop of red for my lips to compliment my dress. How do I look? Did I cover my uneven tan well? Grrr.. blaming my recent Palawan trip*

The bride specially requested us to come in red, thus we happily obliged. Here with Lyn, Jing, Jen, Nora, Joy and Bedalyn.

Photo op with the blushing bride. I finally wore the red one-shoulder dress which I bought last August in Metro Market Market.

Photo op with the couple. This is my second time to attend a red and white wedding. The first was my auntie Jo's wedding almost 20 years ago.

More photo op..

The reception was held at the Modern China Restaurant in Glorietta 4.

To the beautiful newly-wedded couple Honey and Noldy.. congratulations and best wishes to you again! Cheers to the wedding of the year!! :)

Note: Photos without my watermark were grabbed from Jen, Bedz, Joy and Arnold. Thanks guys! :)


  1. I super like the red one-shoulder dress that you're wearing! Looks good on you sis!

  2. im liking the all red and white wedding. the red dress is a good find indeed!


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