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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Pink MagaLine x Askimoi Holiday Giveaway

Here is the giveaway which stirred some noise in the blogosphere. Lots of ladies pulled each other's hair because of this. Choz! Kidding aside, I am sure this is going to be fabulous holiday gift to whoever wins it because I myself is a fan of these brands. Without further ado, in collaboration with Askimoi.com, I bring you my holiday giveaway. Dyarraan!!

Only one very lucky winner will take home these. So ladies.. I suggest you follow all the steps for more chances of winning!

Two (2) lovely pairs of Yhansy earrings.

A very sexy La Senza bra. I hope the winner has the same size. This one is 34A.

Etude House hand cream for a smooth touch and lip gloss for naturally kissable lips.

Lastly is this Secosana multi-way bag. Can be worn as shoulder bag or body bag. Its color is so youthful and vibrant. So pinktabulous that I almost kept it for myself. Hehe.

How to join? Simply add Askimoi's free text widget in your sidebar. Doing so will unlock all other steps to join for more raffle points. I edited the mechanic for the new year. Now, it is no longer mandatory to add the free text widget though I highly recommend it. Besides, adding a free text widget in your blog will benefit you as well. Think of more people visiting and staying in your site to send free SMS anywhere in the Philippines. More visitors, more traffic, right?

For those who previously joined the contest, I salute your effort in adding the widget so you ladies don't worry because I am giving you an added special prize in case you win.

To organize each entry, I have here the help of Rafflecopter.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

This giveaway starts December 18, 2012 until January 18, 2012. I think that's enough time for everyone, right?

The winner will be announced in a blog post on the 19th of January. I will be sending a notification through email, too.

Wherever your are in the world, you are welcome to join. Just make sure to give me a Philippine address where I can send the prizes. I can't ship abroad because they are bulky. You have to have a Philippine address where I can ship them in case you win.

Good luck and happy holidays ladies!


  1. oh dear.. ang ganda ng bag hihi mali pala una kong hula sa brand nung bag? pareho kasi ng logo hehe

  2. I need to win these because I am your number 1 follower and the items are totally irresistible! =)


  3. I need to win these because I've been buying presents for everybody and forgot to buy myself some pretty new things. :)

  4. The La Senza is my size ha!ha! just excited. What a wonderful new year if I will win.

  5. I need to win these because it can be my late Christmas gift...

  6. I'm planning to go back to school next school year and I'm trying to earn school stuff that I need. I love these items! It's surely a big help if I win.

  7. I'm planning to go back to school next year, hopefully. And I'm earning school stuff that I need for school. It's surely a big help if I win these! Thank you for these giveaways.

  8. I need to win these because I love 'em and I love your blog to bits! Hoping to win :)

  9. Love the bag! Tempted to buy one when we get home a. =)

  10. I want to win this giveaway cause I need them to improve my blogging skills and I love you blog too.

    btw. Hire me as a graphics & layout designer. You can check the details here!

    thank you :*


    1. Wow cute! Thank you for the offer. Will check it later! :)

  11. I need to win these items because I love items that is PINK!
    and I super love the bra! Never tried a La Senza Lingerie before so I guess this is the perfect time for me:)

  12. I need to win these because all of these are very useful to me :)

  13. winning makes me smile and i needed a big smile for this new year after all the hardness of life.

  14. I need to win these items because these are all fabulous prizes! :) What a good way to start the year if I win these. *finger's crossed*
    Thanks for an awesome giveaway and more power to you blog. God bless!

  15. i love to win these look because..

    ♥ of the pink bag.. and i needed one =)
    ♥ of those earrings!!! they're fab
    ♥ of that bra! yes, its my size lol
    ♥ of EH, havent tried anything from this brand! yay

    happy 2013 =)

    <3 rhaindropz

  16. I would love to win these 'cause these are all fabulous! :)

  17. i love to win this because its everything a girl needs! :)

  18. I want to win this because it will be a perfect New Year overhaul for me.. New Bag, accessories and cosmetics! Truly a woman's must haves! :D

  19. I need to win this because hubby & I would be celebrating our 9th wedding anniversary this January 24th and those items would truly make me beautiful on our special day. Hoping to win! :)

  20. I need to win this because I want to share all the prizes to my mom and sisters. Wasn't able to give them a decent gift last Christmas so if I win this, this will be a good alternative.

  21. Yay! I want to win those stuffs because I need a makeover. I still want to look good after I bear a child. And I think the La Senza Bra is meant for me hihi! I am 34-A :) What a nice giveaway. I really really want to win. :D

  22. Lovely giveaways!

    XX, Jenniya

  23. I can't wait to get my hands on the Two (2) lovely pairs of Yhansy earrings!!!

  24. I wanna win these simply because they are so pretty like you hehehe.. I super like the bra and for special event those earing and bag are perfect.

  25. I'm hoping to win these because these would be perfect for me just when I'm starting to be "more girly" now. I've been dressing up a little boyish-ly while I was growing up but now that I'm 21, I decided to act and dress up more like a fine lady now. :)

  26. I'm hoping to win these items because these would be perfect for me now that I'm starting to be "more girly". I've been dressing up boyish-ly as I was growing up but now that I'm 21, I've decided to dress up and act more like a fine lady unlike before. ^^

  27. I super like the bag! It's my birthday on January 22 and winning the items will be a great gift ;)

  28. Carmela Paje
    I need to win this because I want to look attractive with the items on your giveaway! :)

  29. I need to win these following items because I am a fashion & a beauty blogger in which I think would be a best Newyear's gift:) ♥ fingers crossed!
    Thankyou for the opportunity:)

  30. ay, di ako nakasali...34A pa naman bra size ko, and I LOVE LA SENZA...


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