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Monday, November 19, 2012

Sleepless Nights. More Fun in the Philippines

Have you seen this new TV commercial yet?

Hubby and I were watching TLC one evening. He was switching to another channel when I thought I saw Quaiapo Church on the screen, so I asked him to go back then there you go. Wow, a TV ad finally. Congrats DOT!

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  1. I saw a different version of this, the more complete one with the islands thing. I found that one cute and then I saw this and appreciated it as well. I just saw that on Facebook and from what I read you saw it on TLC so kudos to DOT for that. We're really starting to market our country as a tourist destination.

    BTW, the jacket is thrifted. Got it for only a hundred pesos at a night bazaar in Baguio. <3 I also thrift when I go there. They've got the best items and the best prices. :D


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