Saturday, November 03, 2012

OOTD: So Pink in Scarf Print

Hello! I bet you ladies are still on vacation. So, how's the graveyard visit, your homecoming and the family gatherings? As for me, we basically just stayed at home. Later today though, we are heading to a neighboring city for some gastronomic experience at a Turkish restaurant. Yay, that means I am having a food post soon. Before the food post, let me just share what I wore to the only show I attended at the recently concluded Philippine Fashion Week Spring Summer 2013.

Sorry, I thought it was the last day to wear pink. Haha. I bought these pants when I was in the middle of my goal to lose weight.

I purchased the item even I had muffin top in the first fitting. Now hooray 'cos it already fits perfectly!

With Earth, Jing, our kitties and teeny weeny pink bags after the SM Kid's Fashion show.

What I basically wore:

What do you think of scarf print trend? Do you have a scarf printed item in your closet? How do you wear it? Share share share.


  1. I love your color combo! So fresh and pretty!

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  3. Im forever in love with the scarf prints. Before, only H&M carries them, good thing its all over pinas na. yey! it looks good on you!

  4. Love the pics! You have a great outfit:)

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