Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Not So Forever Forever 21

I guess you saw this Forever 21 top in a mini haul post HERE. I paid over a thousand pesos for it. It is black and has gold dots with uneven hemline or called mullet. I really loved the way it looks so I didn't mind paying more for a top that could be half cheaper in other stores.

This item waited a lot in my closet though. I finally got to wore it one family day at the Ocean Park the previous month.

Happy that I already trimmed down some extra fat. Now I feel more confident wearing see through and sleeveless tops again.

To my dismay, patches of golden dots faded on my Forever 21 mullet top. I noticed it while at the park that day.. glitters all over my arms and jeans.

This closer shot of the top is ugly. I don't know if I should rub all the remaining dots so I can wear it again casually or just leave it alone and wear it at home.

The back is better but it looks like these dots will later all fade in a due time.

I love shopping. Most of all, I love shopping for sulit items. Too bad I thought I bought a quality product from Forever 21 but this top is nothing but a disappointment.

Now, anyone here can suggest of a remedy for this? Thank you so much in advance! :)


  1. I only got 1 top from forever 21 hindi na naulit hehhehe.. I love the sparkly polka dots here..

    New follower here. hope you can follow back :)


  2. Oh my! I'd feel really bad too if this happened to me, most especially if the item's nice like yours. Did you wash it before wearing it sis? I think this kind of top requires hand wash and mild detergent only. I can't think of any more reasons why the dots on your top faded :(

    1. My bad sis. I did not read the instructions before washing, but the dots started to fade naman before washing pa! :(

  3. Hi there,

    I window shop at Forever 21, however, I must tell you that Forever 21 isn't a good place for shopping quality clothes. Ni hindi ko nga po ma-appreciate ang mga items nila, eh. Mas lalo naman ang shoes! Yes, I might prove it to you that their shoes are not good in terms of quality.

    molybdenumstudios (girltalk)

  4. Aww. Sayang naman. Ganda pa naman ng mullet top mo but the silver dots are fading na ):

  5. You look sexy on it. It's true, it's actually hard to buy online specially clothes. I have never tried buying clothes only with the fear that It miht not fit me, or the color or texture and the quality might not be the one seen on pictures. And boy paying a thousand for a blouse with dots running out, hahah...
    TO minimize chipping the design off, make sure you wash it with liquid detergent soap and handwashed. Since it's only hand painted you can paint again the dots that are not there anymore perhaps with textile paints.

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  7. I think I saw a skirt with this kind of fabric in F21, then I remembered your post. Most of the stuff I buy from them are just dresses, or tops especially when it's on sale.


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