Thursday, November 01, 2012

Halloween Trick or Treat at My Daughter's School

My daughter's Halloween celebration in her school was remarkable. Actually, she also attended our community Halloween party on the same day and wore a fairy costume, but the party she had at school was way more enjoyable. What made it enjoyable were her awesome friends and classmates. Plus, I am friends with the mommies of her friends so I had fun too.

That's my cowgirl on the left doing her imaginary rope trick and saying "yeee-haw". Her friend Carylle wore a princess costume, Trish in Japanese cosplay and Masy in purple fairy.

If there is a cowgirl.. there should be a cowboy too. It was just a little hard gathering the kids for a photo op with their teacher. Everyone was so excited to get Halloween goodies. Haha.

And.. off they went trick or treating to the house of pupils who live nearby. First stop was classmate Marla's house. They prepared balloons and sweets for the kids.

Look at those oranges they decorated to look like jack-o-lanterns. So creatively cute! :)

Hey, someone is getting more candies! Hihi.

The daughter was so active and funny that day. Before we went trick or treating, we lined them up again for another photo op. Click click click. We were busy taking photos, all the kids said nothing and just smiling for the camera, except for my daughter who blurted, "Ufff.. enough taking pictures. Let's go to Marla's house to get some candies!"

At first, I couldn't believe that she actually said that but everyone heard it. I was a little embarrassed that she talked that way yet feeling proud that she is able to express herself well. In school, she is that girl who would always say, "Teacher, I want to tell you something.." and teacher listens to her story.

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